1. I

    Hip Replacement Operation

    Our neighbour needs this operation and we wondered if anyone can give us an idea of the current price at a private hospital without SGK - so paying the full price. We have heard at some hospitals they charge for consultants fees and then the medical parts and the in care / after care separately...
  2. M

    Hip replacement surgery in Turkey

    Does anyone know the approxiamate cost of a hip replacement in a turkish hospital? (not a private one) Thanks in advance:)
  3. Firebrand

    Total hip replacement

    Have any of you - or your partners - had one of these?
  4. janA

    Hip replacements and flying

    Hi my husband is due to go back to England next month for a hip replacement. Does anyone know how long he will have to wait before flying back to Turkey again?
  5. pineapple1

    A Broken Hip !!!!

    I would just to imform everyone that one of our newer members GAMURET .has had a fall and umfortunatly broken his hip , Poor fellow phoned me while laying on the floor awaiting help !! I believe he had his operation yesterday , he as osteo pororsis { excuse spelling } He then phoned his...
  6. luckycat68

    Hip Dyspasia in dogs-HELP PLEASE

    Hip Dysplasia in dogs-HELP PLEASE I am devastated as my lovely spaniel Murphy ( who i rescued last August ) has been diagnosed with hip dysplacia He has been limping for a while now and i thought maybe he had just sprained his leg ! I have been offered 2 alternative operations - TPO -...
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