1. Andyucs

    HillSide And Akaya

    Any one still use the forums as we are new to the area wanted to say hello to anyone near us we live close to the abandoned castle so please shout if anyone else in this area Andy
  2. lartiste22

    Hillside reality

    The truth is not accepted
  3. Jon & Mia

    Facebook group for UFUK Hillside Complex

    In order to keep in touch with each other re latest developments with the new committee we have set up a private facebook group which is accessible by invitation only and is restricted to owners on the site. If anyone still reads these pages and would like to be invited onto the facebook group...
  4. Y

    Very sad report in hillside

    It appears my friends whilst staying in my apartment have had unwanted visitors. The visitors have taken from the apartment cash, ipads etc. I have had my apartment many years without misfortune and this is the first occurence I know of. The apartment was locked. Please be vigil on site. My...
  5. Andrew and Mary

    Ufuk Hillside

    Well, nothing has been put on here about Ufuk Hillside for ages....so thought I would remedy it. Was out there for 6 days beginning of March. Was incredibly wet. Rained every day and on a couple of days, ALL day. Spent a day and a half watching DVDs!!! Boiler sprung a leak which thankfully...
  6. Andrew and Mary

    Ufuk Hillside on Satellite

    For anyone that is interested Ufuk Hillside shows on the Yandex.Haritalar satellite website. There is also a version of street view so you can actually 'walk' around Akbuk too!!!!! Good fun...good fun!!! M :-)
  7. I

    ufuk hillside duplex for sale Euros 60 000

    Hi We are looking to sell our duplex on the Apollon Block which is on the Ground floor and 1st floor. It is fully furnished. There is no HC. We are looking for around Euros 60 000 or a very near offer. If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested then please let me know. Imran
  8. M

    Hillside update

    Hi folks. i have just come back from hillside and enjoyed 1 week of relaxing. things are improving in Akbuk since i was last there in sept 2011. there is now a taxi company at the bootom of the hill. it cost 9-10TL up the hill. they also do transfers from the airport at a cost of £30 min for...
  9. I

    Ufuk Hillside 3 Bed duplex for Sale

    Hi All We have a 3 bed duplex for sale in Ufuk Hillside resort. Its on the same level as the restaurant, about 20 seconds walk from it. It is fully furnished and as yet has not been lived in. We have to make the sale due to financial reasons. If you are interested or know of anyone who might...
  10. Z

    Concerns about UFUK Hillside Akbuk

    Hello I'm sorry my first posting on this forum is not a happier one. My name is Alan and having bought my apartment here in 2010 for probably the same reasons as many of you, decided last September to move my family here full time. Since this time we have witnessed many things that have caused...
  11. rvanbaelen

    Ground floor duplex apartment for sale Hillside Complex Akbuk

    I'm selling my ground floor duplex apartment at Ufuk Hillside Complex in Akbuk (Zeus B1/1). The property was bought as an investment 2 years ago, it's brand new (maybe used 6 weeks !), fully furnished. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, .... also it has a large private garden en...
  12. I

    Tasyaka Hillside Road - a road at last??!!

    After several years of dragging shopping up the hillside to the new developments on the hillside near to the Tasyaka dolmus station it would appear that they have finally made a start to the roads. The rumour is that the project has been sub-contracted out to Yigit Beton and it will take 3...
  13. L

    Wonderful Time at UFUK Hillside

    Just got back from 2 weeks on hillside. What a great time! There was a lovely group of people there and the community spirit was amazing. Water Volley ball teams (with a real net, thanks to Eileen), board games around the bar (much hilarity and noise) and so much wild life. We had a bat fly...
  14. B

    Wish I was on Hillside

    We are in N.Ireland, on Sunday I got sunburned.......today we can't see to the bottom of the garden for the fog and rain. :( We can't wait until we get back to Hillside where, if nothing else, there is a bit of consistency with the fabulous weather. We usually go in September and apart from the...
  15. E

    Dogs on UFUK Hillside

    Upon arriving at our apartment at Appolon E1 block we were greated with dog dirt on the carpark and on the grass around our apartment, and even on the step leading onto our balcony. We soon found out that the dogs belonged to a couple in our block, i reported this to the office who told the...
  16. Andrew and Mary

    Anyone on the Hillside in the near future???!!!

    Hiya, Looking at Maggies account of the storms in Akbuk has me more than just a little concerned about the state of our apartment. We are coming over at the end of March with my son and his young family and I would like a bit of warning as to what we will be walking into. We have e-mailed...
  17. lartiste22

    News of hillside

  18. E

    New Year on the Hillside

    Just got back from a week on the Hillside, we can't believe what great weather we had. We had one thunderstorm which seemed to clear the air, although it wasn't sun bathing weather it was nice enough to sit outside in the sun. The Belgium family even had a barbeque on New Years Eve. There were...
  19. luckycat68

    Hillside Gardens Gumuskaya

    Whilst driving to Gumusluk this afternoon I noticed that the sign for "" HILLSIDE GARDENS "" now reads ""HILLSIDE VIEW "" ------- I am curious as to why they have changed the name of this large complex ?? Come on SS please fill me in !
  20. Madwife

    Update on the Hillside

    Thought I'd start aa new thread on updates as the older one seems to have got buried. Just back from Akbuk. Been some stunningly beautiful days, but some atrocious weather too. On Tuesday night, the rain was coming down so hard it was causing a mud river down the road from Zeus C. I couldn't get...
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