1. D

    apollo hill

    can anyone give me any info on apollo hill resort :28: and has anybody had dealings with plus homes side.
  2. Mushtaq

    Terrorist attack in Forest Hill or maybe not....

    There was an attack today but I didn't see the usual sort of posts or much coverage in the media, was it because the victim was Muslim and the attacker was non-Muslim? Another thing I noticed how the media has pixelated the attacker's face, but in other terrorist attacks they go out of their...
  3. yalimart

    RIP Jimmy Hill

    RIP Jimmy thanks for the footballing memories. Martin
  4. Fran Dessop

    Green Hill

    Does anyone know projected dates for Green Hill being open or up and running?
  5. M

    Anyone from side hill 3?

    Hi I am new to this group, are there any members from sh3 I would like to hear opinions on the new management arrangements being organised by the residents after the rejection of lotus m.
  6. J

    Ruby hill complex

    Hi folks hope everyone had a good new year. A close friend that lives on the ruby hill complex has kindly told us we can stay at the complex for two weeks in July as the holiday is working out very expensive for the 5 of us. We have been to altinkum many a time and our knowledge knows this is...
  7. mollag

    Hill fire over Peksimet way

    Turkish bomber command in action, i say hill fire, it could though be the land fill! that will be good for a few days this weather.
  8. Y

    Stray dogs at Windmills in Yalikavak (top of hill)

    Hello Everyone ROSEMARY and the Yalikavak Animal Welfare Group are desperately asking ALL people that drive by the windmills to kindly leave food for the animals up there. They are starting to starve to death, and the misinformation being given by one of the Vets in Yalikavak to stop feeding...
  9. carolk

    Ruby Hill Complex.

    RESIDENTS on a plush Didim complex are calling for urgent answers after their pool was filled in with polystyrene blocks. Apartment owners on the Ruby Hill development, just off Ataturk Boulevard, say they have been left in the dark by the filling in of their pool which they have enjoyed for...
  10. M

    Getting up the hill

    Hi to you all. its been a while since i sent a message. i have been catching up with all the posts on here today. i will be in Hillside in September for 1 week...yipee. i have the usual problem of getting up the hill with the transfer service. Has anyone got any updates from any transfer...
  11. T

    Hill View Gardens

    Booked a Villa for August 2011 at H V Gardens, can anyone tell me how far it is from Yali? Is it walkable, or would car hire be better. And any other info would be gladly accepted
  12. P

    hill walking in Alanya?

    Hi, I will be in Tosmur for 2 weeks from 18th April, are there any hill walking groups who meet regularly? Also are the Turkish language lessons still going on in the Eden? ( I read it on an old post) thanks
  13. T

    Dalaman Airport..and that town on the hill

    Having used Dalaman Airport last year we saw what looked a really nice town on a hillside all whitwashed buildings anyone care to name it, indeed does anyone on this forum live there?
  14. B

    Tatibelen / Holiday Hill

    Hello all , we're new to this forum and are in the process of buying at Tatibelen / Holiday Hill ( between Gumusluk & Yalikavak) but are having a problem getting in contact with the developers/ our lawyer. Can anyone living in the Gumusluk/ Yalikavak area update us at all re the building...
  15. M

    Property at Uzumlu in Almond blossom Hill for sale ?

    Hi first post so be gentle with me ! I`ve found a very nice villa for sale near to Uzumlu in Almond Blossom Hill Its a 5 bedroom detached with pool and there are 2 of them for sale from £130,000 from the website solimarco I`ve also seen another for a bit more money, I believe it`s a development...
  16. Bryan Sargent

    Statue on Hill in Kusadasi

    Hi, Can anyone tell me about the statue on the hill in Kusadasi near Pigeon Island. It looks like a bird holding a glass of raki. Regards, Bryan
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