1. IbrahimAbi

    Tourist boat Hijack in Turkey

    A group of people on board a tourist boat in the Aegean resort of Bodrum attempted to illegally cross to the Greek island of Kos after taking the crew hostage early on June 4, Do─čan News Agency has reported. The 10-meter polyester service boat was carrying 16 Iranians and 22 local tourists on...
  2. G

    google hijack

    not sure if anyone else has heard of this ,we have had our google chrome"hijacked"by something called mystart incredibar.it is driving us nuts ,whilst we can still access all the stuff we bookmarked on google thank god.am really angry cos it's a new pc and we have cover so hopefully should get...
  3. g&t

    Plane Hijack

    plane highjacking just read a turkish plane on route to istanbul from albania has been highjacked by two turks protesting about the fourthcoming visit of the pope to turkey, they have apparrently landed in italy and are prepared to surrender
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