1. Higgy

    Hello Again From Higgy

    Back in 2012 we said goodbye to the Forum as we had decided to emigrate to New Zealand. We lasted 8 months, keeping it short the Teaching jobs dried up and we decided to pull the plug and return before our money ran out. So family, dog, car and furniture all came back to the UK, we firstly...
  2. Andy

    Happy Birthday Higgy

    Happy Birthday Higgy Enjoy your day Best Wishes :pressie:
  3. Andy

    Higgy's Birthday

    Many Happy returns of the day Higgy. Have a great day Best Wishes.... :pressie: Andy
  4. no-nem

    Higgy happy birthday

    Higgy,Many happy returns to you, are you celebrating in your 'dry' appt? from the Rabble at No-nem.
  5. Higgy

    Higgy's Got a House !!!!!

    We have ourselves a place in Turkey, yipeeeeee. It is in an area called Sedef Koy, ( Mother of Pearl Village ) Mavisehir. A refurbished 2 bed ground floor apartment with small garden. As you know we were gazumped earlier but the agent went out and found the apartment, did all the leg work...
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