Hey fatty

    I am sure no one on here would ever refer to our Great Leader in such away. Fine fellow that he is ! China clamps down on Kim Jong-un 'fatty' jokes - BBC News
  2. ted j

    Hey Des !!

    Altinkum is coming up in the world
  3. T

    Hey everyone

    I'm Thomas, currently living with my turkish wife in Germany. We're planning to move in 2016 or 2017 to Dalyan, Turkey as this is my wife's hometown. I lived in Istanbul before so I'm a bit familiar with the procedures, but this time it will involve alot of other things like Managing work and...
  4. Mojive

    Hey LittleDave Happy Birthday :)

    Have a great day Dave :party: Happy Birthday! :pressie: Mo xx
  5. Kingfisher

    Hey Alanya

  6. monii

    Hey good peeps!

    How's it going? I'm Moni, a guy, though some raise a brow after hearing my name when forced to associate it with the large lump of mass before them as if offended that i tricked them into expecting something cute and fluffy. I've been in Turkey for a good few years now , on and off for the most...
  7. K

    Hey Guys

    So, going mental on google these last few days looking at all the information I need to move to turkey.... I seem to be getting conflicting information, and then I stumbled across this site. So wondering if you guys could help. A little about me, visiting turkey for the first time last may...
  8. L


    The grass is going Wild , the grass is going Wild :fencing:
  9. L

    Hey, can someone help me?

    Merhaba!:) I'm a girl from Norway who gonna move to Turkey (Alanya) after new year, and I'm very interested in finding me a job there. So I would loved if you tell me if you knows about a nice job in Alanya! :) I can be interested in everything like working at hotel, bartender/restaurant ++...
  10. ted j

    Hey Philip!

    Just had a brainwave Y'know with Christmas coming up and how popular a certain equinine mate of ours is on here how about "Friends of Trevor" accessories ? I mean the TLF shop is still closed (yes it did exist once Sleepy) and we would have an ever growing audience (plus free advertising!) to...
  11. ted j

    Hey Des

    I know you like heavy rock (ACDC etc) BUT!! take a guy who is naturally left handed/ ambidextrous and this is what you get ( about 4 other people in the world can do this)
  12. ted j

    Hey Mushtaq

    How about ditching V bulletin games and getting some decent ones The ones on here have all been altered so you lose that much that they are laughable Don't believe me? try playing minipool and just going for the pink (after enlarging the playing screen up of course). The devious, scientifically...
  13. X


    Hi everyone, i am Kel :) This year will be my fourth time in Turkey (Bodrum,Olu Deniz & Altinkum) me and my friend plan on visiting Olu deniz this year as its her first time in Turkey so i am some what of a tour guide! I hope to speak with you all soon :)
  14. I


    Hey does anyone know John and Sid who live in the sunrise apartments in Didim, if yes can you send me their email address..
  15. S

    Hey everybody, Salam

    I'm a Zaza living in California about to move to Turkey for certain reasons, I've never actually been so I hope I can learn about it from you guys. Edit: accidentally double posted, hope you don't get angry.
  16. S

    Hey everyone,

    Hi im steve a new guy here , have been living in bodrum now for 6 years with my wife and only found out about the TLF from a friend of mine just up the road , well i hope everyone has a nice evening ..
  17. P


    Hi...Im looking at moving to Turkey with my wife to retire in the next 6 months and thought this site would be a good place for information and too meet like minded people. Phill:bounce:
  18. zuberdust

    Hey ya'all!...............

    id like to introduce my friend Sana to the forums! she cool, kind and amazing!!!! she wanna big up 2 u!!!
  19. J

    Hey new to forum!!! renewing wedding vows how to?

    Hi all, I am going to Turkey in August staying at the Phaselis Princess Hotel Kemer. My myself & wife are British citizens and I am wanting to renew my wedding vows with my wife whilst in Turkey.Is this a complicated process, can it be done,how much will it cost. You can guess from the...
  20. zuberdust

    Hey guys! Whats up!!

    Im Sakeb! from Scotland , Glasgow.... every1 cool? x x x
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