1. H

    Henna Dress and wedding

    Hi guys can anyone help me i am getting married in dalyan in August can anyone recommend any helpful sites also we are having turkish wedding but want english ceremony also does anyone know if this is possible and where would i go to get some one to carry out the ceremony? any help would be...
  2. shirleyanntr

    dog covered in henna

    We just drove past a man and his dog and from a distance it looked as if the dog was bleeding heavily from its behind Yusuf slowed down and as we got closer we could see its bottom was covered in henna this is the first time ive seen this ..i wonder if anybody else has come across it.
  3. raven

    Henna on a baby advice please

    Hi My mother in law has just shown me Henna she has brought to put on the baby when he is born. I am not happy with the situation, I am sure henna can burn the skin if it is not made up right or the wrong type of henna. She wants to put it on his feet and she indicated his private area...
  4. shirleyanntr

    hamam and henna

    There are many historical documents in existence which describe life in Ottoman İstanbul during the 16th century. also from the many paintings and fabulous miniatures that have survived we can get a pictorial record of life in the hamam…albeit mostly of the upper classes. Of great importance to...
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