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  1. C

    Irish person seeking visa help!!!!

    Hello mandy and im new to the from southern ireland and i need some help regarding visas.....İ am in turkey at the moment living with my boyfriend...i have my 90 day visa but dont want to be going back and forth to kos for a renewal....i want to live here legally have a...
  2. C

    Help/Info from Altinkum please

    Hello all. I posted a while back on the top of the forum in the "neighbours" thread but might not have been seen. We've had a lovely 2 bed apartment (in Camlik on Yunus Caddesi opposite the pine trees/track leading to Gymnasium) for 4 years now. The building is an older one built and lived...
  3. mavi

    UK Customs help/info

    Hi Guys.... cutting a long story short.... I am not using a UK agent to ship or pack my stuff - i can do that myself. I have an 'infamous star person' picking it up in Turkey etc.. I am bringing a 40ft container... I have arranged direct with shipping co to book the said container to get it to...
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