1. IbrahimAbi

    Helmets in Antalya

    Be careful Antalya TLFers, this could eat into your Efes money:- Antalya to impose fines on motorcyclists not using helmets - Turkey News
  2. bickern

    Fethiye police give free helmets to motorcyclists

    As highlighted by the Land of Lights and Kalkan news. The Jandarma were out and about yesterday, promoting road safety for scooter and motorbike riders. Working with Fethiye Honda retailer, Kıvrak Motor, they set up check points in Kalkan, Kınık and Çavdır, looking out for riders who were not...
  3. petere

    Motorcycle helmets

    does anyone know of a change to the law on scooter helmets? a friend recently went for TUV test at Ova test center with a scooter and was turned away with an open faced helmet and told he must have a fullface helmet with visor for test?. petere
  4. D

    Crash Helmets. Yes or No?

    I thought some people might want to go into the issue more but on a more appropriate thread. Me, a resounding YES.
  5. kaplumba

    bike helmets

    I'm hoping to get a couple of mountain bikes. I can't recall seeing the helmets in turkey. has anyone seen any and about how much do they cost. Would i be better buying them in UK? Thanks.
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