1. bickern

    If a man says he'll fix it

  2. Leo

    OMG Russia - What the hell are you doing !

    Russia Decriminalizes Domestic Violence, “Legalizing The Order Of Things” As women’s rights activists around the word inch slowly closer to properly addressing and combating domestic violence, Russia just took a step in the opposite direction. On Wednesday, Russia’s lower house of parliament...
  3. mamish

    Neighbours from hell!

    After reading this, I realise how blessed we are with our neighbours! Republic of Turkish violence - BLIND SPOT
  4. Jaycey

    Russian highway to hell.

    Hazmat Highway to Hell with Oxygen Cylinders (No Music) - YouTube
  5. juco

    What the hell were they voting on??

    Can anyone fill in the missing words or even have a clue what this is about. Did they know what they were voting on? LiveLeak.com - WTF....Is this for real?
  6. Carolyn

    Hell hath no fury......

    Scorned Turkish housewife takes EVERYTHING from marital home including roof and windows (and yes, she took the kitchen sink!) You go girl! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2358268/Scorned-Turkish-housewife-leaves-marital-home-takes-including-kitchen-sink-roof-windows.html
  7. babsgood

    Gates of Hell??

    I haven't been here myself so cannot comment but others might be able to give their opinion as to whether Pamukkale is really 'the gates of hell' 'Gate to Hell' found in Turkey: Hierapolis temple doorway matches mythical 'portal to the underworld' | Mail Online
  8. Firefox

    Our Turkish Hell

    I meet these to Guys in London last week when they were handing out leaflets about their Flight of Hell with Thomas Cook. Our Turkish hell - Local - Coleraine Times Its quite strange that non here have before reported on them and their plight.
  9. denise bannell

    road to hell

    Well have attempted to take the animals to England , missed the ferry in Greece smashed the car up 2000 euros damage . Stuck in France have no money left and it looks now that I will have to leave the 3 dogs and cat in France to a dogs home . I am absolutely devastated no where to live no...
  10. Yalides

    One hell of a job

    Santa has to visit 378 million kids In 108 million homes, it’s reckoned Because of the Earth’s rotation he’s got 31 hours That’s 967.7 visits per second. That’s 1/1000th of a second to park the sleigh, Fill the stockings, eat a snack Climb up the chimney Clean off the black and refill the sack...
  11. H

    Emlaks From Hell

    I have just received an email that the Emlaks From Hell website will be back and up and running in the next few weeks. I hope that this webite will highlight the pitfaults of buying property and land in Turkey as well as publicise thee realy bad sellers in Turkey who just take buyers monies and...
  12. kale

    Holiday Homes From Hell

    :307bt:Tonight ITV 1 ....... 9 PM UK TIME peoples dream court case this maybe turkey, cheers KALE
  13. arrian

    m-i-law from hell OR publicity stunt

    Carolyn Bourne: Is the mother-in-law from hell saga an elaborate PR stunt? | Mail Online bit of a co-incidence eh???
  14. teosgirl

    mother-in-law from hell or money-grabbing ladette?

    Mother-In-Law Email: Carolyn Bourne's Stern Etiquette Message To Heidi Withers Goes Viral | UK News | Sky News I love this story on Sky news today, but it makes me wonder, how important are good manners? For myself, asking for more food, helping yourself at the dining table and sleeping in...
  15. D

    What the hell is the uk gov doing?

    Since Turkey has reduced the visa prices the uk Government seemed to have taken the attitude that they will make it as hard as possible for Turks to travel to the uk!--it really bodes well for the prices being kept as they are the way they are treating anyone wanting to go to the uk--so far my...
  16. Spurs

    One hell of a villa for sale!!!!

    This is a top class property. Geared up for full time living. Location AKBUK. No pool because it’s only 200mtrs to the sea. Detached (no complex, no site fees) All paperwork in order. NOT IN THE HILLS OF AKBUK. Three double bedrooms (one en-suite) Main bathroom with bath & shower. Downstairs...
  17. Peaceplant

    Weekend from Hell

    Well I am finally calmed down enough to get it off my chest and am hoping it is therapeutic if nothing else :) for those easily bored exit now as it's going to be long.. I have noticed that as he gets older my husband is reverting back to kind more and more. When we first married we had many...
  18. Mushtaq

    Hell hath no fury like a granny scorned

    A 92-year-old Florida woman refused a kiss by her 53-year-old neighbour responded by pumping four rounds from a semi-automatic pistol into his house. Helen Staudinger (pictured) of Fort McCoy took a bit of a shine to Dwight Bettner after he moved into a rented pad six months ago. He said: "I've...
  19. Mary

    quote from emlaks from hell web site

    I have been reading this website and found it very enlightening. I have picked up a quote and just wanted to know what others thought. My feelings on this subject as a home owner but not living there is em perhaps there is a lot of truth in this, however would need to live there to know the real...
  20. E

    Neighbours from hell!

    Since buying this flat in 2008 (at the top of the market) I've had nothing but hassle. The house is a beautiful historic building in the centre of Istanbul and should be lovely to live in, but the common parts were completely neglected when i bought it. I asked the vendor when certain urgent...
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