1. H

    Good heavens, it's your Birthday Jaycey !!!!

    Wishing you a VERY HAPPY DAY. Only 56 too, lucky you !! Hilary x:24:
  2. immac

    Google Earth Heavens Above

    New version of Google Earth available today. With this new version there is a button on the toolbar which, when pressed, shows the heavens, stars, galaxies, constellations from the point on the earth you were looking at the normal view. That does not sound very clear! It is time related, in...
  3. H

    Heavens Gate

    Hi All, Has anyone ever been to Heavens gate (Cennet) (yeah, yeah bloke among us...I've sent a few women there too in my time!!!) But on the opposite side to this there is Hells Gate (Cehennem). Fortunately only Heavens gate can be visited. It's massive chasm some 300 ft drop in places and...
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