1. B


    Well we are that time of year again in Turkey where the subject of heating our iceboxes rears its ugly head. All the usual suspects are here, wood burners, electric fires, air cons, which if any have you tried and which do you think is the best IE cleanest,most cost effective, least hassle etc...
  2. j in bo

    Underfloor heating

    We are planning to have work on our villa started this winter. In the UK, have found water piped underfloor heating to be our preferred option. Has anyone experience of this in Turkey and could it be run from a solar roof tank system. Thanks J
  3. Tenpin

    ŞÖMİNE SOBA 5111 Red

    Located in Kusadasi. Genuine reason for sale. Only used for one winter, not used this winter. Price 600 TL ŞÖMİNE SOBA 5111 Red Top Oven to cook bread etc Enamel surfaces Burns all types of solid fuel Fire brick structure Large easy to empty and clean ashtray Flame viewing window...
  4. Marirabbit

    Buying wood in Bodrum

    Hi everyone, we've just ordered a glass fronted wood burner for our house in Gumbet. It's being fitted in two week time, just in time for the cold setting in! I was wondering if anyone could suggest a reasonably priced place to buy wood? Also do you have any tips on the best way to use it? Is it...
  5. D

    current methods for central heating

    Hi. I am helping a family member with getting their villa uptogether and we are looking at central heating.. the villa already has internal pipework but no rads or boiler etc.. It has been suggested from my limited knowledge of an electric boiler but would love some feedback from fellow board...
  6. Helenm150

    Heating on timer

    I am going to have to leave my house in County Durham empty for a week or two and am not sure what hours to set my central heating timer - the house is an extremely well insulated new build property - there is no loft as the top floor has been designed to incorporate another bedroom and the tank...
  7. A&P

    Electric radiator central heating

    Hi. Does anyone run radiator central heating via electric?. We have a radiators installed which are fired by diesel, which makes the system impossible to use because of the exceptional cost of the diesel. We are considering exchanging the boiler for an efficient electric one and would like to...
  8. the bueman

    Heating and Cooling....device Dyson AM05

    Hi Guys Anyone got one of these devices......Dyson AM05 Hot and Cool Fan Heater - Blue Homeware | TheHut.com Would love to know if anyone has bought one of these devices for use in turkey or elsewhere. I know they have a recall due to malfunctions or glitches in the workings.....but the...
  9. juco

    Heating yourself

    With rising costs in energy would it not be cheaper to heat oneself rather than a home. The building can take care of itself and you wear a thermal thingy that plugs in to heat you, a bit like a personal electric blanket. In my biking days I had a heated jacket that plugged in to the bikes...
  10. S

    Heating via Solar

    I was recently talking to a Turkish mate who was telling me about a new style of solar heating. He's a VERY experienced builder, plumber, spark etc and a very smart lad. He was telling me a local German man had imported an excellent Solar heating system which supplied the radiators. It is so...
  11. SLEEPY


    Last summer I ripped out the fire place in our squat in Sofia and replaced it with a wood burning stove and what a difference it has made to both heating the joint and and the ascetics of the living room. Buoyed by this success I now plan to do a similar a make over in our shack in Bodrum...
  12. tykatem

    Cheap form of heating

    Great idea for all those wanting to save a few quid over the cold spell. Works a treat in a small room and it's very cheap. I use the same system when working in the shed. heating your home office for 8 pence a day- Potheadforkandle- www.keepturningleft.co.uk - YouTube Pete
  13. Jaycey

    Using solar heating

    We’ve just moved into an apartment with solar heating and are wondering about the most efficient way of using it. Last month we had the immersion heater on continuously and used the aircon heating frequently but still think our electricity bill rather high at 280 TL. Is it better: 1. to leave...
  14. C

    solar water heating

    hi, i am looking to install solar panels to heat water in my 3 bed, 3 bath appt and would like to benift from your pros and cons of the systems to use, costing and installers, will be coming back out mid april to get the panels installed so i would apreciate your advice and tips clive
  15. J

    Central Heating

    Can anyone recommend a form of central heating and someone who installs it.I have heard about a new one thats run off a wood burner has anyone got this and is it effient.Many thanks.
  16. F

    electric or oil for central heating

    Hello all. Renting a new house with already fitted heating radiators (water). My landlord will soon install the external heater equipment in an already prepared shed outside the house. I can choose what i want: electric or oil heating - nice TR landlord! What do you think is the optimum? 2...
  17. G


    :llama:Hi, Just wondering if anyone has used solar heating pods or such to keep pool warm? I did read someones post ages ago about getting a cover made or such but wonder if there is anyone supplying such in Alanya/Mahmutlar or would we have to go to Antalya to find out. I did see some...
  18. F

    central heating engineer around Dalyan

    Does anyone know a central heating engineer who may have moved to our area? İ have a boiler that keeps malfunctioning and random excuses from the company that fitted it. İ would love to have someone else have a look and give me an opinion.
  19. SLEEPY

    Winter heating

    I took a run down to Bodrum just before Christmas to check the house and do a few bits and bobs.While I was there I had the central heating (oil) and aircons on plus an open fire at night and the place was impossible to get nice and cozy. Our house has three levels, open plan and alot of glass...
  20. shirleyanntr

    marble wall heating

    ive been asked if there is anyone on the forum who has this..marble wall heating...what do they think about it...and where did they buy it from..price stc any info greatly appreciated.
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