1. G

    Baggage from Heathrow?

    Hi All, I'm travelling from Heathrow to Bodrum on Sunday via Istanbul, I know my luggage goes direct to Bodrum, while I wait for my connection at Istanbul, but now that Bodrum has 2 terminals, Domestic and International, I was wondering where my Luggage would end up? or will it be on the same...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Flights suspended from Heathrow T3

    Flights have been suspended from Heathrow’s Terminal 3 due to a security issue, a spokesman for the airport has said. Departures from the mainly long-haul terminal were stopped "for a short time" on Friday morning, a representative for the west London hub said. A Metropolitan Police...
  3. Akasya

    Gatwick or Heathrow

    It has been announced that Chris Grayling will announce at 12:30 on tue 25/10/2016 in the HOC as to the Governments current thinking. Do readers have a view or preference as to which of the airports ( or any other suggestions made ) should be backed by the government. My personal concern is...
  4. T

    Transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick (and return)

    Anyone know the quickest and cheapest way to transfer between the London airports? I can't seem to find anything under £50 for the 2 of us.
  5. V

    Heathrow gun scare!

    Seems like security is so tight now at Heathrow Airport that a miniature gun attached to the children's toy Woody from Toy Story was confiscated after being seen as a threat! Reach for the sky! Overzealous Heathrow security officials confiscate Toy Story cowboy Woody DOLL'S miniature gun | Mail...
  6. tinkycarol

    For sale: Tues 18 Sep Istanbul - Heathrow one way ticket

    Hi, not done this before so please bear with me! Tuesday 18/9/12 one way Istanbul Aaturk 1355 - London Heathrow 1605 on British Airways with one piece hand luggage & laptop/handbag, also got one hold baggage 23kg for free which I will not be using. Originally booked 2 seats but will only be...
  7. RedBloodedHound

    Heathrow v Istanbul

    An extract from BBC news today; explaining the delays at Heathrow. Is this a compliment in the last paragraph? "BAA spokesman Andrew Teacher told the BBC: "We had five inches of snow in an hour on Saturday afternoon and hundreds of planes parked when the snow came down. We have drafted in...
  8. arrian

    Heathrow could close

    Airport ground staff prepare to vote on strike ahead of Bank Holiday | Mail Online
  9. R

    Gatwick, Heathrow and Norwich Airports now closed

    Heathrow And Gatwick Close Due To Ash Cloud | UK & World News | Orange UK
  10. L


    Anyone travelling from Heathrow with Turkish Airlines on Saturday 25th April to Bodrum?:27br:
  11. G

    heathrow flights

    hi just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this ,i have a relative coming to stay for 2 weeks in september ,she is coming out with me from birmingham but she wants to fly back into heathrow where she can get home easier ,who flies into there ?? many thanks sorry should have said from bodrum
  12. G

    Reasonable Prices For Heathrow To Izmir

    I have just booked our summer flight over to Izmir. Having been checking prices over the past few weeks, I came across Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY), and booked a 3 week flight, from heathrow to Izmir, commencing from mid August, for 2 Adults and our 5 year old daughter for less than £600...
  13. Andrew and Mary

    Heathrow to Izmir £379.80 for 2 adults!!!!!

    Hi, If you don't mind an indirect flight, stopping of at Munich for an hour or two( time to stretch your legs) you can get to Izmir on 25 November this year returning on 2nd December for just £379.80. And £161 of that is airport taxes!!!!!!! Not a stupid long day either, leave Heathrow at 0715...
  14. G

    Last Day for THY Heathrow to Antalya Promotion

    Just noticed this on the THY Website. Special promotional fare Heathrow to Antalya GB£95 return (not including taxes and charges). Offer ends today. Last date for outbound travel 31st May. Looks like a good price. Special Offers Promotional fares from London to Istanbul and Antalya...
  15. Andy

    Heathrow crash landing

    Heathrow crash landing investigated Friday, 18 January 2008, 10:44 GMT Workers examine the British Airways 777 that crash landedPassengers endured delays and cancellations at Heathrow as the investigation continued into the dramatic crash landing of a British Airways jet. The Air Accidents...
  16. Germaine

    Heathrow Alert

    Heathrow Terminal 4 has been evacuated. Suspect package found. Staff allowed back in so hopefully false alarm.
  17. R

    Bad fog at Gatwick nd Heathrow Airport- Flights Cancelled

    Hello Anyone travelling from Gatwick and Heathrow with BA please be aware 100's of flights were cancelled yesterday and today due to thick fog. Also most are cancelled tomorow too.Only about 50% of flights can take off due to the bad conditions. You can check online if your flight has been...
  18. J

    anyone at Heathrow on the 27th Nov?

    Hi All, I am seemingly always travelling alone and my next flight is the earliest flight at 0800hrs from Heathrow to Istanbul i will be at the airport form 0530hrs onwards and wondered if anyone will be there also around that time who would like to have a chat over a coffee ,it would be lovely...
  19. Lindy

    Heathrow airport car parking

    Does anyone know of any good deals for airport car parking? In my experience Heathrow is notoriously expensive [V]
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