1. R

    On demand water heaters Vs. Boilers

    Not sure if this would be the right forum or if I am comparing apples to apples. In our area we are limited to Geothermal heating. It is a new building and it is not hooked up. Would cost about 3k TL to hook up. Cant get a straight answer. If the Geothermal heats our water or just the radiators...
  2. E

    Water heaters

    I've been trying to find information about water heaters v individual shower units but I looked at this forum and it won't go past page three. So has anybody got any advice on the different systems? Is it better to get an electric one with a tank where you probably heat more water than you need...

    Gas heaters

    I was recently looking for portable gas heaters in Turgutreis but could only see the large gas heaters that require a flue. Admittedly I didn't look very carefully but just observed what was on display outside shops. So, coming to the point, are there mobile Calor gas type heaters available in...
  4. C

    gas heaters

    Hi Guys, well we all know its cold!!! does anybody know if you can buy a calor gas heater in Alanya area?? can't say I have ever seen any but curious would be handy now its so cold keep electric bill down a bit as ours is always high thanks xx:42mb:
  5. Yalides

    Fin heaters

    Two available. 50TL each.
  6. L

    For sale - gas heaters in Dalaman

    2 calor gas heaters on wheels for sale very good clean condition 75 ytl each tumble dryer for sale used twice cost 800 ytl sell for 300ytl buyer to collect in dalaman
  7. CKPR

    Portable Gas Heaters

    Can anyone advise me where I can purchase a Portable Gas Heater in the Bodrum - Yalikavak Areas. Thanks
  8. H

    Solar water heaters 2011 - Yalikavak/Bodrum

    Hi, We are going to exchange our solar water heating system on the roof (tank and solar panels). Can anybody recommend a reliable company in Yalikavak or around for this? We don’t have a clue what to buy; we need a system to supply hot water for app. 2-4 people. How large water tank do we...
  9. G

    wood burning heaters

    We are looking to put a heater in our lounge & vent it into the barbeque that is on the balcony on our apartment in Tasyaka. The construction company could not see a problem as we are on the top floor. If anyone has any prices that would be great
  10. D

    In-tank "resistance" element water heaters - beware

    Having changed our solar system in October last year to a Sunmax tubular system which can take an in-tank "resistance" water heater, we were well aware that the element wouldn't last very long with the high lime scale content of the water. We were diligently advised to get an Italian made...
  11. paddington bear

    Halogen Heaters

    Could anyone please tell me if the Halogen heaters are expensive to run in Turkey. Thanks. Sue
  12. Peaceplant

    Halogen heaters -bulbs in Turkey?

    We brought over a halogen heater much like the one illustrated in link below but now we are having trouble locating replacement bulbs in Turkey despite the heaters being sold in Turkey now (but at double the price) http://www.focusdiy.co.uk/invt/215110 Anyone got one in Turkey and manage to...
  13. jane2005

    Solar Tank Immersion Heaters.

    Has anyone had one of these immersion heater things fitted to thier solar system, or would it mean me getting a whole new tank, and would I need to replace both tanks or just the one? Also does anyone have any approximate idea on cost and reccommendations on suppliers? Thanks.
  14. B


    can you use uk electric wall heaters in turkey or is it just as easy buy them in turkey and where in dalaman
  15. A

    electric storage heaters

    I have had a look around site but cannot find anything about night storage heaters. My question is do the sell them here an if so where abouts`. I mean the slim line type not the one`s you got in the `60`s
  16. K

    solar panels/water heaters

    any advice on where to buy and what is best.thanks.[:)
  17. steve

    water heaters

    hiya all, when we bought our apartment last year we agreed to have an independant water heater installed. now the builder forgot to put it in but we have the chance to have it installed when we go over in may. we currently just use the hot water from the solar tanks on the roof which is great in...
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