1. A89

    under sink water heater

    Does anyone know anything about under sink water heaters. The one in my chalet only makes the water hot if the tap is only running very slowly. As soon as the water comes out slightly quicker it goes cold. I leave it running very slowly into the washing up bowl and it gradually slows even more...
  2. F

    Electric immersion tank heater

    At the outset, Let me explain at the very outset that English is not my first language and therefore, please forgive the inevitable grammatical mistakes. Recently, we purchased an apartment which has three separate bathrooms. I believe the method used to heat up the water enabling one to take...
  3. V

    Shopping for a gas heater

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a portable gas heater in the Side/Manavgat area.
  4. Akasya

    Water heater

    We have a water heater fitted under our stairs , a beko , now on its tenth birthday . Developed a drip leak from the underside . First run of hot water each day is discoloured yellow / orange . Is it time to have it replaced or can they be fixed ? Thanks , Steve
  5. F

    Gas Heater

    Hi can anyone advise where i can buy a new gas heater in Didim the type that works off bottled gas? thanks in advance
  6. C

    Solar/Electric Water Heater

    I wonder if anyone can advise me. I have both a solar water heating system on my roof and electric water heater in cupboard downstairs in my house. The problem I have is when I need to use my electric water heater on days when there is no sun in Winter the only way I can do this is to go on...
  7. staceman

    calor gas heater

    Hi all can anyone advise where we can buy a calor gas heater in Fethiye. Thanks in advance.
  8. tomc1984

    Air con as a heater

    Air con units have a notorious reputation for being expensive to run. Has anyone actually worked out how much it costs to run air con units to heat a room?
  9. Ian2006

    Electric Water Heater

    Although we have an immersion heater with 3 settings (30 - 60 & 120 mins) I am thinking of installing one of these electric water heaters. We have had electric showers installed at our previous apartment so I know the advantages but don't want to go down that route now because of the difficulty...
  10. culturevulture

    Squeeking water heater???

    About 4 months ago, I had to replace my hot water boiler. Since then, it has been squeaking and shrieking practically non-stop. The only time it is quiet, is when the water is cold. I have had the (Vestel) service man out at least four times to date. He replaced the valve on one visit, but it...
  11. C

    Siemens instant water heater, any good?

    Has anyone used the new Siemens DE1821415/DE1821515 (w-o/w LED) Electronic instantaneous water heater and has any experience to share? I´m furnishing a 2-bedroom apartment (2 bathrooms with showers) and was thinking of fitting a 65-litre water boiler but noticed this new tankless-product from...
  12. J

    Siemens water heater for sale

    Hello. We have a Siemens Clickfix Plus Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater for sale. It is brand new, still boxed. Retails at around 640TL. Good for stable water temperature and pressure. Further product details can be found using the link below. Was a replacement we ended up not needing...
  13. E

    I need help with a boiler/water heater problem

    Can somebody help me with the following problem? Here is the situation: I have bought an apartment with a jacuzzie. On the balcony I have a pretty big boiler which supplies the whole apartment with hot water. This works fine EXCEPT that the boiler cannot generate enough hot water to fill the...
  14. Jaycey

    Electric heater & sofa

    Alanya/ Oba 3kw electric heater with stand as new 50TL Elegant 3-seater sofa also as new 100TL 0541 386 9227
  15. culturevulture

    Water heater advice and recommendations????

    I really need some advise and recommendation about buying a hot water boiler. Read on and you will see why I need hefp on this one.:jaw: As ever, trying to be ecconomical when it comes to electricity......I recently bought 2 instant water heaters. 1 for the bathroom and 1 for the kitchen. The...
  16. djmagic

    instant water heater

    hi there im looking to get an instant water heater but am unable to find someone who sells them in turkey!! my only other option is a shower but can only find 7.250 kw max at the likes of metro and kipper and koctas. any help please. many thanks in advance.
  17. R

    Winter Heating Set

    For Sale in Bodrum area Ay-Gas Fire 4.2 Kw (with full Gas Bottle) - 150TL Febre Portable Electric oil-filler Radiator -2.5 KW – 60TL Febre Portable Electric oil-filler Radiator -1.5 KW – 40TL All hardly used and in full working order Buy the 3 Heaters together for 220 TL pm for tel number
  18. U

    Water heater wanted

    We are looking for a second hand water heater (termosifon) around Ortakent, Bitez area. Can collect.
  19. J

    solar water heater

    hello i have bought an apartment which already has solar water heaters.my question is do i need to fit an electrical water tank boiler to be used when its not sunny or in the winter.as i am to put a new bathroom so it will be a good idea if i do it now or is solar good enough for all year round...
  20. culturevulture

    Delonghi upright heater?

    Has anyone seen these Delonghi upright fan heaters in Didim/Altinkum, please. Or anywhere else for that matter? If you have one, was it expensive compared to Uk prices. Mary.
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