1. S

    Heated swimming pool in hotel

    Does anyone know of any hotels or apartments that have an indoor heated swimming pool in the Alanya vicinity. And open now and the winter months?
  2. bickern

    MPs begin heated debate over assisted dying bill

    Eighty-five MPs want to speak in Commons debate, which is likely to go on for hours before vote is called, MPs have begun to debate a bill that would allow doctors to help terminally ill people end their lives, before the first House of Commons vote on assisted dying for 20 years. Rob Marris...
  3. A89

    Heated rollers

    Does anyone know anywhere in Alanya that I can buy heated hair rollers please? Alison
  4. arrian

    heated towel rails

    whilst we're having our bathroom changed into a wet room, we thought of having the radiator taken out and a heated towel rail put in instead. however, they seem very expensive, and the plumber wants £50 for fitting it. are they worth the expence, or should we stick to the radiator? thanks for...
  5. SonnyJim

    Birds - Heated Debate!

    Over the years we have had many discussions as to why the swifts/swallows (Bats as well) skim the surface of swimming pools. Do they do it to drink water or to eat the insects? I am a believer of option 1 to drink water, what do think? Or even better what do you know??!!:help:
  6. Mushtaq

    Heated topics - my gripes

    I have closed the other topic as I think it reached it's peak, the points raised in there however are interesting and maybe we can continue here. Some things that I have noticed on this forum and that annoy be at times are; when people generalise, like all estate agents are dodgy, or you can't...
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