1. A

    Heat wave

    is this right , my Turkish friend in Didm said it is now over 40 degrees With a African heatwave on it's way.
  2. the bueman


    Is this the answer to Fracking, Gas, Oil and Solid Fuels. Was listening to this article on the Pat Kenny show this morning......listen here on playback almost 3/4 of the way in.... from 50.30 onward...
  3. perfect1949

    how do you keep your beer cool in this heat wave

    give me your ideas . dave
  4. suzyq

    North African Heat Wave Expected To Hit Turkey

    A heat wave from North Africa is expected to hit Turkey in the coming days, increasing temperatures to nearly 50 degrees Celsius in some parts of Turkey. North African heat wave expected to hit Turkey
  5. E

    Heat Lamps for Bathroom in Turkey?

    In the states we can an electric light that heats up your bathroom. We were wondering can you get them here in Turkey? Any one know? I think they may be infrared technology. I'd appreciate it if anyone can give us a lead.
  6. A

    and the heat goes on ......

    A line from a song!? Just been reading some posts and am a tad concerned that we're about to experience some intense heat when we fly out on Thursday! Am sitting at home watching a fine drizzle outside, overcast and white sky but warm in Whitstable. Have a quandry about what to pack clothes...
  7. tonybhoy

    october heat

    whereabouts in turkey is it the warmest in october,we usually go in september but work says no this year and i dont really want to spend money if it is not sunny/warm,thanks
  8. jcrian

    Extra Heat from Chimney

    My sister has fitted a radiator type device to give out more heat to the room from the chimney. Can be fitted to the flu of a soba and the cost was 20tl.
  9. A

    Heat brings out the snakes

    My wife was over at our Apartment last week whilst she was there in our complex came across a Snake around the grounds, she does not know what type, a neighbour called council who came and got rid of it and sprayed around the area.
  10. peter the postie

    Scousers put the heat on Salford lads

    Liverpool beat Villa 5-0 today, closing the gap at the top to just one point! Meanwhile the Salford lads look to be feeling the pressure after losing 2-0 at Fulham. It's beginning to look interesting isn't it?
  11. ZiaCa'

    Heat / Sun Stroke

    Never thought I'd get heat/sun stroke unless I spent endless hours in the sun with no water and no sunscreen (which I have done in the past!). Well I was proved totally wrong as after a boat trip on Thursday I've been laid up feeling really awful! The damage must have been done in the first hr...
  12. maggie

    The Heat Is On.

    Well the weather has certainly turned up the heat volume the last few days, Tip for keeping cool; The ice blocks that you use in your cool bags,freeze one and take it out with you when you go out in the heat or on a car journey,its a good way of keeping cool. Or wrap one in a towel and take...
  13. shirleyanntr

    take care in this heat

    tomorrow the weather forecast is predicting an average of 40 degrees which in reality means it will be over 50 degrees at times...this is for most of the aegean and med...as well as places inland. This is higher than normal for June....so just be careful out there..keep in the shade, drink...
  14. immac

    Geothermal 'Heat Pumps'

    From Today's Turkish Daily News Geothermal 'heat pumps' a natural alternative to gas Thursday, February 15, 2007 A system common throughout much of Europe and beyond is now slowly beginning to catch on in Turkey. The energy it uses comes from below the Earth's surface and is clean, renewable...
  15. Acamas

    More heat than light

    Coming back to this forum after some months in Turkey I was disappointed. I returned to England with some practical questions and concerns about life in Turkey and thought it worth trawling the forum for info. The 4 months of postings that I had missed whilst away took up a bare 30 minutes to...
  16. So

    Heat rash

    I woke up this morning with horrible red bubbly spots covering the back and sides of my neck. It looks hiddeous and is highly annoying so i went to the poli and the ppl there told me it was heat rash. Anybody any natural ideas on how to get rid of it? as the doc at the poli wanted to give me...
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