1. E

    Bupa Health Insurance

    Dear All, Good morning.... Since I am applying to RP next week, I have been told there is a new requirement (Health insurance), would anyone of you can advice if I have to do it or not knowing that I have international health insurance (Bupa)! Simply: I have a Bupa health insurance...
  2. J

    Health Insurance and Ikamet

    Can someone please help me regarding the following: 1. We have to renew our Ikamets by 27th September but how soon do we apply? 2. One of us is 62 and has been told that they don't need Health Insurance! 3. Is it therefore free for the 62 year old? 4. If there is no health insurance then...
  3. S

    residency & health insurance

    I have been informed that the law has changed in Turkey and I now need proof of a health insurance to apply. As a Uk citizen I would still be eligible for the UK NHS- would proof of this be enough or do i need to buy a health insurance? If this is the case i would be interested in what other UK...
  4. S

    Health Insurance for over 65's
  5. B

    Health insurance for residency permit.

    I am due to renew my residency blue book next month, and I gather that in order to do so I need health insurance, this is where there seems to be a problem ,no official spokesperson seems to know exactly what you need ,whether SGK is accepted, and some say it is not! Or some other private...
  6. Jaycey

    The Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health Questions

    Does olive oil prevent heart disease? Short answer: Yes The health benefits of olive oil come from the presence of polyphenols, antioxidants. That reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers. But to get these healthy compounds, consumers should buy good-quality, fresh "extra-virgin" olive...
  7. Yildez Datca

    Health insurance - thank goodness.

    I have full replacements in both knees,which affects my balance - a small trip/stumble that an able bodied person would automatically correct with their knees usually results in a fall. This morning (on my way to the hospital as it happens!) I tripped and had a bad fall, straight onto my face -...
  8. A

    residency renewal and health insurance

    Residency renewal ! Today we went to Marmaris police for residency renewal we were told if we produced a marriage certificate we will be granted two years residency !! We were also told we can apply up to two months prior to its expiry ! Yes we do have to have in and out patient insurance and...
  9. M

    Health Insurance

    Can anyone recommend a good Turkish Health insurance company in Fethiye and any idea of prices. I normally rely on holiday insurance,but as i now want residency I need Turkish Insurance
  10. R

    Health Insurance costs per person

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but can anyone clarify / confirm what the average cost per person is going to be for health insurance per year, per person and as a married couple do you have to get individual cover or joint cover?
  11. beyazbayan

    Health İns great offer

    Got this from my insurance man today he is first class H?zl? Resim yükle, internette payla? | resim upload | bedava resim
  12. shirleyanntr

    New RP rules and Health insurance

    A friend of mine went to get his RP on Monday under the new rules...his previous RP was 5 years but he could only renew for a year since he hasnt been here more than 8 years He's in his 50s and hasnt health insurance He had to pay 50 lira for the RP card for one year and under a 100 lira tax...
  13. stmary

    health insurance for new pensioner

    When we move to turkey in 2 years time , one will be by then a pensioner and the other not working, retired early , where would we get health cover from ! Would we be able to get private health cover and does anyone know the cost , sorry i know this has been covered with the health cover before...
  14. E

    Overstay due to passport loss and health problems

    Dear All, If any one can advise what to do since I have lost my passport and all my family as well in the tram, I already have an appointment to get the permit to stay but without passport it is impossible and I have to go back to Libya to get a new passport, we all passed the 90 allowed...
  15. L

    500tl health check-up - Soke

    I have just been on a health MOT, so to speak, at the International Soke Hospital and it was amazing! It isn't an organised trip, but it is so easy to arrange yourself and the lady, Serap, comes into all of your tests (she averts her eyes at the more 'sensitive' ones! lol) and helps with all...
  16. tomc1984

    Health Insurance

    With all of the confusion, controversy over the SGK, many people will be looking for private healthcare insurance for Turkey, any suggestions, especially those that cover pre existing conditions.
  17. L

    Health Check

    Hi all, I was told a couple of years ago the Can hospital in Alanya did for a short time a thorough medical check at a very good price does anybody know if they are doing it again in the future?? or if not what sort of price is it?? also I was told if you have an ikamet and show it at a private...
  18. stmary

    When you moved to Altinkum did your health improve

    Hi every one , when you moved to Altinkum , did any of you have long standing health problems , and if so moving near the coast did your health improve , I have Asthma and had a very bad chest infection , making my asthma really bad , Now controlled with Inhalers . When I visit Altinkum my...
  19. H

    Health insurance - glaucoma

    Hello, I wonder whether anyone can advise us on Health Insurance in Turkey. It is our intention to move to Dalyan in the very near future. However, as I have Glaucoma I need to have regular checks on my eyes (presently in the UK every 6 to 9 months) and I use prescription eye drops every day...
  20. juco

    Health costs usa style

    I know this is for USA but it does put an interesting perspective on health costs and how it works, long video but worth watching. The True Cost of Health Care - YouTube
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