1. B

    help please - children's health

    Have been offered work in Istanbul (European side) but just wondering what the healthcare is like for kids? I've seen some horror stories about long queues and people getting ripped off - is this a general problem?:thanks:
  2. T

    Private Health Insurance

    Hi, Does anybody know of any Companies that provide private health Insurance in Turkey? Tony.
  3. T

    Health check in Alanya

    Both me and the wifey thing is up for an all around health check this upcoming winter/spring. As we plan to live all year around in Alanya (been here for 10 months now) and are, to say the least, VERY reluctant about the thoughts of being forced to go to Sweden for this, we need to find a...
  4. L

    Private health insurance from Bodrum Hospital?

    Hi all, Hope you're well. Also hope you don't mind me picking your brains (again!) - this time about private health insurance. Have asked on the insurance forum but have since read that Bodrum Universal Hospital have good private insurance that's a lot cheaper than getting it from a UK company...
  5. L

    Best health insurance?

    Hi all, I wonder if you could help with some advice. I'm moving to Turkey in the new year and need to look into private health insurance. Does anyone have any insurance that is particularly good (without costing the earth)? Do you go via a Turkish company, or a company at home? I live in the UK...
  6. Ms Who

    Health Checks

    Been to the BSK Anka Hospital in Aydin today with a group of WIT ladies. We had the mini health check with the following tests: Mammogram Smear Bone Density (full body scan not portable kit) Body Scan Urine - Liver, Kidneys, Glucose, Protein etc.. Blood - Everything Stool - Dont ask about the...
  7. Lindacm

    Private health care

    We live in Dalaman and we are interested in private health care. Does anyone know of any private health care at a reasonable price? Thanks, Linda
  8. P

    Medical Park 2 - Health Costs

    Medical Park have asked me to post this as they tried and failed. If this is being blocked would the administrator let me know. I am aware this could be viewed as advertising but we all have problems researching health and at least Medical Park are being up front enough to give their prices...
  9. M

    help about health !!

    Hello everybody, If you have some health problem or questions about treatment and costs , i can help you .
  10. Bubskar

    National Health numbers

    Can anyone out there enlighten me. Just recently I went into a site where I needed to enter my NI number. Since I have been alive and kicking for quite a number of years I have always had the same NI number I was allocated since a babe in arms. This is a 6 figure number with a letter at the...
  11. N

    Health Insurance Card (EHIC

    is this valid in altimkum Health Insurance Card (EHIC has any body used one in turkey.
  12. Andy

    European Health Insurance Card

    I just thought i'd list this to make people aware of it if they dont already know about it, as it is important to carry one of these cards while abroad incase of an emergency, so that you recieve treatment asap and best of all ITS TOTALLY FREE.
  13. H

    Investing money in Turkey to pay for health care in the UK

    I am sure someone will be able to offer advice here. We own a house in Turkey and are trying to sell.(We hope to buy a small apartment afterwards, still in Turkey) My mother in law has had to go into care and we will have to sell her house to pay for her care. Knowing the max interest rate in...
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