1. bal canavar

    TLF member's good works.

    on twitter feed uk paper The Mirror.............. Tlf's Millilove.... Brave British mum is risking her life to rescue Islamic State sex slaves from Syria. Rachel Miller sells jewellery and takes out loans to raise the up to £7,500 she needs to free the girls from ISIS Brave British mum is...
  2. arrian


    reading through the home page of tlf just now, i saw a theme and it made me chuckle! has anyone else ever done this, or is it just me that's odd? Each of these threads were directly together at the time. Michael Buble sings with......... Turkish vodaphone. ---------------...
  3. T

    RyanAir grab more headlines

    Ryanair cancels flights to Greek islands - AOL Travel UK I suppose it's just hard luck on anyone that had already booked with them.
  4. Squeaky

    Headlines in the papers today

    Good evening: Its not often that three different yet connected headlines jump out at me from the papers as these three have done today. Talk about the difference in how laws are written and enforced, well, in my opinion these three headlines should certainly indicate that time and place has a...
  5. gerald

    Daily Mail Headlines

    YouTube - The Daily Mail Song More from the Dan gang website
  6. ted j

    Fantasy newspaper headlines

    What would be your favourite fantasy newspaper headline?........... Only 2 rules, 1, nothing to do with smoking, 2 AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mine would probably be"10p cure for cancer found!", "Guy Fawkes dna rebuids android, who completes the original task" And "World poverty, now a...
  7. Andy

    Funny Headlines

    Funny Headlines Include your children when baking cookies. Something went wrong in jet crash, experts say. Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers. Drunks get nine years in violin case. Iraqi head seeks arms. Is there a ring of debris around Uranus? Prostitutes appeal to Pope...
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