1. I

    Natwest headaches

    I am home at the moment to visit mum and to register the Enduring Power of Attorney over her bank account so I can pay her bills etc. She has her account with NatWest who were most unhelpful. They said it takes at least two weeks for the EPA to be registered as they have to make checks on me...
  2. A

    Headaches buying property in Turkey

    Hi everyone, I have had so many problems buying an apartment in Ortakent for the last 5 years, that I wish I had never gone ahead. I found out that the builder built on military land so I couldnt get the tapu, the solicitor acting for me in the sale kept some of my money and didnt give it all to...
  3. catweazle

    Cluster Headaches

    Hi Does anybody on the forum get/had or heard of cluster headaches also do they recognise these or know much about them in turkey does anybody know what medication they use for them in turkey pete
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