1. Y

    hayfever - any local natural remedies for this?

    After 60 odd years without experiencing this, I developed hayfever at this time of year a couple of years ago. Its just back again this year. I wondered if anyone knows of any natural remedies to help this. I get pink swollen sore eyes, violent sneezing, itchy and runny nose. Remedy needs...
  2. McDHibs

    Is it possible to suddenly get Hay Fever

    I used to live in the Scottish Borders surrounded by fields and then moved to England 10 years ago and now live near a Farm surrounded in Rape Seed Fields, In April I went out to Fethiye for 10 days and got very bad congestion, runny nose and sore eyes I thought it was just a cold but I have...
  3. KKOB


    Anyone else in Turkey got it yet ? I only mentioned to Mrs KKOB a few days ago that my nose was beginning to tingle and my eyes were getting a bit sore and that I wouldn't be surprised if the hayfever season was about to kick-off. Well, it seems to have arrived with a vengeance this morning...
  4. maggie


    Has any member living in turkey found any good over the counter remedies for hayfever.??????? My hayfever sems to be worse than ever living here !!!!! There must be something the locals use as Ive not seen any red eyed ,red nose, sneezing Turks. hugs maggie xxxxxx
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