1. T

    Haydi [Hadi]

    Haydi [Hadi] This word is said to encourage or urge a person on ----> Haydi iş başına ! ----> Come on ! Back to work ! Haydi ne bekliyorsun ! ---> Come on! What are you waiting for ? Haydi oğlum, çabuk ol ! ----> Come on son, hurry up ! * When doubled , especially the contracted form...
  2. babsgood

    haydi Turkiye

    am realy exited about tonights game, if my 'home' team are not involved then my adopted home team get my support. it is going to be very difficult given the suspensions and injuries but......................TURKIYE TURKIYE!!!
  3. shirleyanntr

    haydi kizlar okula!

    this is the slogan of the campaign to get girls into school and has received a lot of tv footage Roughly one million girls of primary school age are not going to school in Turkey. The gender gap in primary education enrolment is 7% -- about 600,000 more girls than boys. More than 50% of girls...
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