1. shirleyanntr

    Todays word is Hayat

    Hayat means life. Yaşam.. say it yasham …and Can..say it jan) also mean life And yaşamak means to live. Hayat can take all the personal endings and also the case suffixes. The personal endings are IM..IN..I..IMIZ…INIZ..LARI…İ.. you he/she/it..we..you..they Here i’ve put them together with...
  2. J

    Hayat Apartments in Alanya

    Hi, can anyone in Alanya tell me the email address or the phone number for these apartments, or recommend apartments or a hotel in a quiet(ish) location, I have an apartment near the crossroads of Yaylayolu and Alaiye cad and I'm looking for some accomodation near it for some relatives to stay...
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