1. John O' Dreams

    Making Hay...

    ...while the sun shines - in the Far East! My fellow conspiricy theorists and I are busy wondering why the idea of a poll for new moderators is being bandied about - at the same time when the OBVIOUS people's favourite for moderator is off on his jollies in the far east.
  2. paddington bear

    Hay Fever

    Is anyone in Turkey suffering badly, like me, with hay fever at the moment? I started with it at the end of April, went to the UK fo 2 weeks at the start of May and after about 5 days in the UK it cleared up. Back in Turkey after a few days started with it again, some days its fine but other...
  3. Yazee123

    hay!!!!! gang

    hi all im yaz (yaseen), i also am a british born pakistani,(i can say this thanks to jinah who made sure we had dual nationly's lol) i have been to turkey (turgutries) 5 times in the last 3 years. i did consider opening a propper indian rest around bodrum, but as ress have put those plans on...
  4. abba

    Gung Hay Fat Choy

    Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends.
  5. McDHibs

    Is it possible to suddenly get Hay Fever

    I used to live in the Scottish Borders surrounded by fields and then moved to England 10 years ago and now live near a Farm surrounded in Rape Seed Fields, In April I went out to Fethiye for 10 days and got very bad congestion, runny nose and sore eyes I thought it was just a cold but I have...
  6. jcrian

    Gung Hay Fat Choi

    "Gung Hay Fat Choi" ( Happy Chinese New Year ) ~ to celebrate this event...........we bring you ~ CHINESE PROVERBS Man who run in front of car get tired. Man who run behind car get exhausted. Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ...
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