1. G

    Havas Bus

    Has anyone ever used the havas bus from Bodrum international airport into Bodrum ? Do you need to make booking or just turn up ? Any tips would be welcome :boom:😎😎
  2. A

    Havas bus

    Hello. Have heard timetable for havas bus from Fethiye to Dalaman airport times will be changing later this month. Can anyone confirm?
  3. L

    Havas bus transfer to Bodrum airport

    Hi, is there anyway to find a timetable for this, all I can see in their page is that they leave 2 hours before their partner domestic flights leave. I'm trying to get s transfer that will get me to the airport about 5pm, don't mind getting there earlier. How can I find out please?
  4. B

    Havas Bus

    Hi, Could anyone tell me if the Havas bus runs from Dalaman airport to Marmaris in February. Many thanks
  5. N

    Havas Buses

    I will arrive at Milas at 0745 on 11/3 on a Pegasus flight from Istanbul. Does anybody know if the Havas Bus from the airport to Bodrum will be running? I usually use Resorthoppa but their shuttle buses don't start running this year until 1/4.
  6. L

    Havas Izmir

    Does anyone know if there is an Havas service running from Izmir airport into the coach station or Otogar., or the number of the bus that does this route. Thanks
  7. M

    HELP! Havas.

    Does anyone know if there are any domestic flights landing monday 18th oct 22.00 (ish) . Have been told Havas only run in conjunction with domestic arrivals, friends arriving on an interntional. Thanks in advance.
  8. L

    Havas from Milas airport

    I have used the Havas from Milas into Bodrum coach station a few times and I am really pleased with the service. I undersgtand that they run in conjunction with all THY flights but I need to know if they do the same with Pegasus flights as I am thinking of booking one of their flights. Normally...
  9. Fastlady

    Dalaman - Marmaris Havas Bus

    hello all, and apologies if this has been covered before, but I know the situation changes often in Turkey. I have a friend flying out to Dalaman this Saturday 23rd May. She is hoping to catch the Havas bus from the airport into Marmaris. Does anyone know the current timetable for this...
  10. D

    Bodrum Havas Bus Service

    Hi. Does anyone know if the bos service from Bodrum Airport to Bodrum Centre has a timetable online or are they connected only to Turkish Airlines flights? Im flying to Manchester on 19th December from Bodrum and then returning to Bodrum on 2nd January so trying to sort out transfers? Debbie.xx
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