1. shirleyanntr

    Hatay a unique experience

    Hatay has always been a great place to visit..and t one time i lived here and can testify to the warmth and hospitality of people ... i am at present staying here with family and need to say NOOO to all the food thats offered 24 hours a day oof at the moment there are some problems with the...
  2. S

    Recycling near Hatay area?

    Hello, good afternoon everybody. Does anybody know if there are any recycling sites for plastic, paper/cardboard cartons and battery in or near the Hatay area? Many thanks. Apologies if this has been covered before and I haven't been able to find it. Many thanks. Soheila
  3. A

    Riot in Hatay

    About 200 people protested US and FSA terror organisation in Hatay, protestors chanted slogans against the US and AKP. 8 Protestor taken into custody by the police. I have never seen anti Esad, anti Baath regime rallies with freewill people. So, where are they?
  4. suzyq

    Syrian camps in Hatay may be relocated

    Syrians fleeing violence in their country being housed in camps in the province of Hatay may soon be transferred to other cities, due to tensions that have allegedly arisen between them and some Turks in the province. Gazi Mısırlı, a Syrian who acts as a consultant to Prime Minister Recep...
  5. Angily

    Looking to get a dog - anywhere near Hatay!?

    Been looking into getting a dog but seems they are really expensive Does anyone know of anywhere near to Hatay that has a reasonable price or know of anyone who has puppys they are trying to sell
  6. shirleyanntr

    Come to Hatay

    Welcome to Hatay This is the time of year when people start thinking about places to go and things to do..and before the weather gets too hot this is the time to explore further afield. Let me tempt you to Hatay. İf you like history, if you like food, if you like fun ,if you like people, if you...
  7. VWBug

    World's Second Largest Mosaic Museum In Hatay Draws Interest

    ANTAKYA/ADANA - Antakya Archeology Museum in southern city of Hatay which is the second largest mosaic museum of the world draws great attention of visitors. More than 34,000 artifacts are exhibited in the museum. Antakya Archeology Museum Curator Faruk Kilic told A.A, ''in the aspect of...
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