1. escapee

    Sevgi hastanesi

    Friends that went home yesterday had the worst last day ever. They had brought a 16 year old family friend out with them and he was taken to hospital by ambulance on Wednesday night. He was fine one minute and just flipped out the next, nobody could calm him. He was sedated and taken off to the...
  2. Y

    Fethiye Esnaf Hastanesi - problems

    Yet more stupid problems with the Fethiye Esnaf Hastanesi administrative people. Doctor made mistake on prescription (he did the same thing last time) so I only get a third of the supply he told me (3 pakets instead of 9 packets for 3 months) plus he left the same drug of the Rapor. Chemist...
  3. Carolyn

    Esnaf Hastanesi

    I thought I'd share with you my recent experience of the Esnaf in Fethiye. A few weeks ago I saw my GP here in the UK, concerned that a mole just above my collar bone had changed shape and colour. He peered at it for sometime before deciding it was probably a basal cell carcinoma or as he put it...
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