1. A

    No Hassle Residency Permit

    Sukru who does the airport transfers for 25 pounds for 2 people one way or 15 pounds for 1 person - is now offering to do the residency permits too for just 50 uk pounds or 200 TL - with a private car - he will make the appointment - drive you in a private car - and fill in all the forms for you...
  2. willip

    hassle at Didim market

    it looks like its not only the tourist that are having hassle problems with Didyma shopping centre Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Inspection ends in fight
  3. S

    More animal hassle

    Last week a gang of goats invaded my garden and a big fat one ate my plants and wouldnt get out Today I went to a bin to drop of some rubbish and all of a sudden got shoved in the back-a bloody cow/bull/cattle was lying in the long grass nearby and must have decided to have a pop at the yabanci...
  4. J

    is Turkey worth the hassle?

    I have only been looking in on the forums regularly for a few weeks mainly because I fwas looking to invest in Turkey both property and business wise, but after taking the time to read through the many member accounts I'm sat here wondering whether Turkey is really worth the hassle. It doesn't...
  5. L


    Just returned from Altinkum and I am disgusted at HASSLE from the bars and shops,down the front and Dolphin square were manic,I even saw a flower seller at it.It's time the police kicked a few butts and closed some down.This is the worse I have seen.
  6. A

    No More Hassle in Side - EVER !

    :cheer2: Training for 600 local shopkeeprs, restaurant managers and bar staff in Side now, ready for 'the season' ... excellent new initiative which every resort in Turkey should/may have in future, please view ... Today's Zaman - Code of business ethics to prevent harassment of Side tourists...
  7. spitfire

    Hassle Bars closed!

    It looks like the authorities in Altinkum are determined to stamp out hassle from bars and restaurants :) Latest from Voices ; POLICE have turned up the heat on hasslers in Altinkum with the closure of 10 bars and restaurants along the sea front promenade for a maximum of FIVE days. Squads...
  8. Ms Who

    Bahhhhh Hassle!

    It's a lovely sunny day so I decided to walk and took a short cut through 2 buildings. Tethered to a rope was a very white fluffy sheep so I decided to pet it- Big mistake! It obviously liked it as it would then not let me pass!! Fortunately, I had some dried apricots in my bag and negotiated my...
  9. peter the postie

    too much hassle

    I'm afraid that I have had to censor my avatar picture. I felt I had to do it as I'm sick & tired of ladies from this forum pm'ing me asking to meet. Sorry ladies, I'm happily married.
  10. B

    Hassle... Putting off Holidaymakers?

    Just read this about the Hasslers in Altinkum this early in the season. It's the one thing we disliked about Altinkum when we first came, and the main reason we chose to buy in Akbuk. Here is a sample of the article... ..."NO sooner had the first tourists landed in Didim for a quiet holiday in...
  11. B


    I have spoke to a few friends who have visited Altinkum for the first time and they said they loved the beaches, but the shops didn't have much variety; too many Estate Agents! They said the locals they met were very friendly. They did however, really hate the hassle they got from walking past...
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