1. yalimart

    Work harder and prosper

    BBC News - Executive pay '180 times average', report finds The result of hard graft, if the lazy teachers, police, fire service, nurses, doctors and all other public service workers worked as hard as us, they would prosper too ! wouldn't they ? BBC News - Public sector strikes: Why are...

    Should have hit him harder

    From the attached article seems like Moyes gave an obnoxious prat a slap for for being a pratt.Have not had much time for Moyes but when some half pis3ed 23 year idiot wants to get abusive with a man minding his own business he deserves it. Maybe this idiot will think twice before getting...

    Must try harder

    Whilst emptying my PM I noticed that this year to my eternal shame I only received ONE measly TLF infraction for the entire year. What a miserable effort on my behalf or have the beloved MODS gone soft, either way I promise to do much better in 2013. I can only assume that the usual suspects...
  4. Sha Hoorsur

    Work Harder.

    Work Harder! This is the cure for our economic woes, according to William Hague our erstwhile foreign secretary. The prodigy of Margaret Thatcher, the great destroyer of jobs, industry, and communities. This is coming from the man who first came to the public attention as a droning schoolboy...
  5. bickern

    Turkey presses EU harder for visa-free regime

    Turkey, a candidate to join the EU, says its nationals must be able to travel to EU countries without first obtaining a visa. The EU has insisted on a series of preconditions, including Turkey’s introduction of biometric passports in line with EU standards and the signing of a readmission...
  6. A

    Getting harder all the time!!

    I thought that might get your attention!!! I meant to leave Akbuk and come back to Scotland. We are just back after 2 weeks sunshine, relaxation and showing Johns mum a tiny part of Turkey, which I have to say she loved. During the two weeks we went to Turgutreis to see our friends who had...
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