1. suzyq

    Ancient Roman Harbour in Urla

    I look forward to seeing this when it's finished as it's going to be something different. Ancient Roman harbor to reappear in Urla - ARCHAEOLOGY
  2. G

    Boat for sale in Turgutreis harbour

    Hi All, selling my 19ft Fibreglass cabin boat, with it's own mooring in Turgutreis local cooperative harbour, fees paid till Aug 2015. great boat with new Tohatsu 20hp engine, life jackets etc., everything you need for days out, fishing etc.... link gives picture and all details, fully...
  3. Yildez Datca

    Harbour news!

    The new terraced area overlooking the harbour has finally opened as a tea garden! And it's lovely! Small tables on the terraces - at the moment one to a terrace, but that may be increased as they get busy - fast, polite service, excellent Turkish coffee (not from a machine!), and good prices. 2...
  4. perfect1949

    gumusluk harbour today

    it's a lovely place to visit and while away the hours . dave and shirley
  5. J

    Bodrum Harbour B&B

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a cheap B&B or Rooms near to the harbour please, only want to stay for a couple of nights, Tx:5: Jan
  6. G

    New harbour Palmalive and new Hotel Cactus

    https://plus.google.com/photos/113660418073475584413/albums/5852925295454874017/5853328965055929810 They need a lot of people in this new harbour !
  7. kaplumba

    Harbour Update

    It is coming on at a pace and looking smart. I still miss the ramshackle bars, they are all crammed into one small area now and so a bar crawl is a very short amble! Anyway it's looking good and loads of men are working on it for the finish date of 15th May. I have some photos on my blog and so...
  8. kaplumba

    Datca harbour update

    [/IMG] Well I have now inspected the goings on around the harbour and can say I think it is going to be very attractive. An architect from Ankara designed it and the detail in the stone work is lovely.They are working hard on it now and the terraces are beautiful. They have been built to take...
  9. B

    Fishing in the harbour of Side or Offshore fishing somewhere else in Side

    Hello, The first week of April we are going for an holiday to Side Turkey. We want to go shore fishing (Seefishing) in Side. Can somebody tell us where the best places are to fish. Maybe in the harbour. Our hotel is Hotel Atlantis Spa & Resort. Thanx.
  10. Yalides

    Harbour side dug up

    The harbour path in front of Cumbali and Cardakli has been dug up and is quite dangerous to walk on. Take care if you are walking this way.
  11. kaplumba

    New Datca harbour

    Dat├ža?ya Ekolojik Yat Liman? 12 ?ubat 2012 13:48 Just found this. I'm afaid I don't have time to try to translate it all right now but it looks like something is kicking off. The photos show the mayor looking at the plans. I think it says something about the capacity for yachts increasing to...
  12. B

    Yalikavak Fishing Harbour - mooring wanted

    Does anyone have any connections or contact details for the harbour master in Yalikavak fishing harbour. A friend of mine would like to move their Sailing Yacht from Torba to Yalikavak (or Gundogan) early next year 2012.
  13. D

    sky sports marvisehir harbour

    can anyone please help arriving about 2.30 pm sat and everton v liverpool match on sky 2.45 when we were out in june 1 of the restruants on mavisehir seafront had sky sports football on i know its a bit sad but for us bluenoses biggest match of the season and as i will be rushing want to make...
  14. Moochin

    Harbour Boat Trips

    Can anyone help? Im in Gazipasa playing host to my hubby's family, and they want to go on an Alanya boat triop. I know it's best bookable on the harbour itself so they can pick their boat and negotiate a price but the only trouble is they only have tomorrow left. I don't want them ti travel all...
  15. T

    New market/Cafe area near harbour

    Does anyone know how the new market /cafe area is coming along. The one by the harbour area / Pumukalli. When we were there last year all the foundations had been done but all seems to have stopped for the summer. Thanks
  16. V

    Datca Harbour "the old days"

    Hello, With all these things going on around the datca harbour I thought its nice to show how it was in the old days. See picture below. Does anybody have an idea when this picture was taken? Take care, Jeroen
  17. M

    datca harbour closure ?

    i am writing on behalf of my mother who is a property owner in datca, as we live in england we are not sure as we have heard various stories what is actually going on in datca? althouth we see it as if the harbour does close this is not very good as the harbour is very much a part of the reason...
  18. Thechefster

    Datca harbour

    Anyone talked to the locals about what is happening at the harbour area in Datca? These are the people who this will really impact on - not we who partake of a gin and tonic every now and again. Seems to me we need to take a step back and find out what the local Turkish people want.
  19. Yildez Datca

    Datca harbour - demolition!

    Walked round the harbour today and demolition is under way. Men were working on the little hill going down past Bambu Bar; the first restaurant is now just a shell and they were starting on the next one. Hasan who has the carpet shop opposite has to have it cleared by tomorrow, the restaurant...
  20. J

    Datca Harbour

    Shocked and saddened if the news is true .As property owners it is so upsetting to see the place we love being demolished . The harbour area was such a lovely place to spend an evening . The Marin bar being our favourite . i do hope things can be saved . if any one has any updates please post...
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