1. yalimart

    Happy Birthday Redders.

    All the very best Martin, have a great day, Im sure Jane will spoil you. Martin & Linsey
  2. A89

    Happy Birthday Yalimart!

    Happy Birthday Martin! Hope you have a great day! :cheers: alison x
  3. A89

    Happy Birthday Akasya!

    Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a great day. :cheers: alison x
  4. A89

    Happy Birthday Butt007

    Happy Birthday Warren! Hope you have a great day! :cheers: alison x
  5. D

    EU not happy with Turkey.

    EU crisis: Showdown with Turkey sparks military fears as Erdogan mocks Macron's threats. AN UNPRECEDENTED EU crisis looms as tensions between the Brussels bloc and Turkey escalate along its border, as Greece warns it will do "whatever is necessary" to defend itself from Ankara. Greece: Army...
  6. abba

    Happy Canada Day

    Congratulations and best wishes to all who may be celebrating Canada Day
  7. H

    Happy Birthday Kemerkid

    Have a great Birthday Kemerkid !! Hilary x
  8. Mojive


    Have a great day Alison :438qr: :cheer2::cheer2:HAPPY BIRTHDAY:cheer2::cheer2: :474cu: :Flower:hope you get spoilt lots :Flower: :pressie: Mo :blowkiss::blowkiss:
  9. H

    Happy Birthday Tedj

    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ted !! Hope to see you in Didim next year ! Hilary x
  10. S

    All Brexiteers- Happy Europe Day

    A very happy Europe Day to all Brexiteers, Remainers and couldnt care lessers https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/symbols/europe-day_en
  11. SLEEPY

    Happy birthday derek payne

    Happy Birthday, have a great day and keep the jokes coming.
  12. A89

    Happy Birthday Bickern!

    Happy Birthday Norman! Have a great day! :cheers: alison x
  13. A89

    Happy Birthday Struggs!

    Happy Birthday Diane! Hope you have a lovely day! :Flower: alison x
  14. bickern

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter - Sand Art by Frauke Menger Happy Easter - Sand Art by Frauke Menger - YouTube :peace:
  15. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Lady of Leisure

    :cheer2::cheer2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY:cheer2::cheer2: :Flower:Wishing you a very happy birthday Lady of Leisure:Flower: Have a lovely day.......:pressie: Mo xx :474cu:
  16. A89

    Happy Birthday Enoch!

    Happy Birthday Enoch! Have a great day! :cheers: alison x
  17. yalimart

    Happy Birthday Mummyduck

    All the very best on your birthday in cloudy but sticky handbag land. Martin
  18. A89

    Happy Birthday Philip!

    Happy Birthday Philip! Hope you have a great day! :cheers: alison x
  19. M

    Happy Birthday Harem

    Lots of Love Harem on your special day. Maisie
  20. H

    Happy Birthday Pepperkat

    Wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A New Years Baby. Have a good one ! Hilary x
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