1. Kingfisher

    Gross national happiness

    Maybe I'm not the only one to believe that a better society can exist: What the Bhutanese are Doing is Amazing. Can We Get More of this in Our Country?
  2. M


    Have just heard on the TV news about this International Day of Happiness. Ever heard anything so ridiculous? I didn't believe it (thought it was 1st April come early) so I looked it up on Google. This is what Wiki has to say about it :- "Happiness 1st Institute vows to celebrate...
  3. N

    looking for love and happiness

    :kiss:# hi all after my long term girlfriend died of a major asthma attack i have given up on the UK & I have made ovacik my new home# now want again a special lady in my life so if any knows a single english lady aged 40 to 50 who is slim and blonde preferably please PM me i am 48 self...
  4. Spurs

    Happiness is a duster for Xmas

    Yep thats all the wife wants for Christmas "a duster", sounds good ? Oh its a car !!! Any reports on here from owners please.
  5. T

    Happiness at Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all on TLF I hope that all your wishes and dreams come to pass in 2011. Good luck to everybody
  6. S

    Measuring Happiness

    What a total load of old tosh and a ridiculous waste of money BBC News - Plan to measure happiness 'not woolly' - Cameron
  7. K

    UK Happiness Index

    He's got to be having a laugh: "The UK government is poised to start measuring people's psychological and environmental wellbeing, bidding to be among the first countries to officially monitor happiness. "Despite "nervousness" in Downing Street at the prospect of testing the national mood amid...
  8. Joe in Tasucu

    Cooking your way to happiness!

    As most of you know, or are finding out, I can’t cook but am learning. As with most learning process I look for guidance in books; volumes of wisdom created by the more experienced to guide the eager novice. Looking through our bookshelves I realise that my wife and I have quite a few...
  9. S


    ONE DAY I WILL BE HAPPY!!! I'll be happy when... We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. After that, we're frustrated that we have...
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