1. bickern

    yellali.com - what has happened

    Anyone know what has happened to Yell Ali? Did it get into trouble or anything? http://yellali.com seems to have ceased resolving.
  2. juco

    Global warming,so what happened to it.

    Predictions from 1989 U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked PETER JAMES SPIELMANNJune 30, 1989 This is the full version, HTH: https://www.apnews.com/bd45c372caf118ec99964ea547880cd0
  3. 4

    Rodney Bewes

    What ever happened to the Likely Lads? Poor Bob Ferris died Another bit of my youth down the pan! Brilliantly written and acted
  4. A89

    What's happened??

    Does anyone know if somethings happened? I cant get facebook up without a VPN again. Anyone else having the same problem? Alison
  5. S

    Whatever happened to..

    Did the woman who got ripped off by another member ever get sorted? Did the fella who started a different TLF ever succeed? Did the fella who ended up living a somewhat feral existence in Bulgaria/ Romania - Robnob I think- ever get sorted? Did the woman who married the visa geezer ever get...
  6. N

    What happened to my brothers lamb?

    This is a true story, I realise it sounds like a wind up but seriously, this really happened last year and he is still wondering what happened to it. My brother had two lambs which were 9 months old at the time but one was really poorly. When he checked on them in the morning he found one...
  7. J

    What happened to my generation?

    I remember as a very small child in the 1950's accompanying my Father to the local UN group. Just in a small village. Something at the time he most certainly believed in after the horrors of WW2. He also believed in unity across Europe. I then remember watching the 'Tonight' programme with...
  8. L

    What's happened to 3 Brothers

    Does anyone know why 3 Brothers appears to be unpopular at the moment! This has always been a very popular restaurant over the years but was empty last night and there appeared to be almost no staff in attendance. Interested as we were going to eat there last night but decided against it on the...
  9. M

    Help Windows 8 - what has happened?

    My laptop came with Windows 8. I kept ignoring the messages about updating to 8.1, but in the end decided to do it. After waiting for ever with messages saying not to turn off, it finally finished. But everything is now different. Everything I had set is either gone, or I can't find it...
  10. Philogic

    What's happened to Side

    Overflowing rubbish bins everywhere, no Zabita patrolling the beach walkway, dogs and cyclists taken over where they are not allowed. Is it because Manavgat Council (Belisomething) have gone beliup after taking over from Side.
  11. C

    What happened to Musti's

    I know there were a lot of problems with Musti's Restaurant last year but I have now noticed that it is operating under a different name. Does anyone know the real story as to what happened and has the Musti brand been taken somewhere else. It is a shame as it used to be one of the best Steak...
  12. DAN62

    What really happened??

    Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers | Neon Nettle This is shocking and sickening.
  13. A

    What happened to your website

    What happened to your website. Is it shut down like many things on your site?
  14. juco

    What happened to these apartments Akbuk

    Not sure of the name of this sitesi but on the main road near the supermarket at the beginning of Akbuk. Whats happened with these apartments as the top floor looks like it has been bricked up, would that be part of an apartment or a complete apartment.
  15. perfect1949

    what is the best thing that as happened to you this year ?

    mine was seeing my new grandchild for the first time , and finding a new woman in my life , a great year . dave
  16. Brians Villa

    Oracle Travel Altinkum

    Dear All: Copied from another poster: My name is Jonathan Welford, I am a property specialist with over ten years property sales and lettings experience, for the last three years I have written a weekly property column for the Manchester Evening News. I have presented and appeared on property...
  17. Y

    Wot happened to sunriseroaster?

    ??? :slapme:
  18. E

    Wot happened to sunriseroaster?

    Wos he toasted?
  19. turkishknashers

    what's happened to 'penny for the guy' ?

    when i was a youngun my brother and i would spend a few days making our 'guy' for bonfire night as did a lot of the kids round our way, then we would take them out to a street where there were no other 'guys' and ask for a penny for the guy, it was great fun to do and earn a few pence to top up...
  20. ted j

    Whats happened to Juco?

    Just been looking at an old thread for reference and noticed Juco has gone purple. Anybody know what's gone on?. Ted
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