Hangover help

    In two hours I will be out the door to go on a days drinking in celebration of a friend's impending marriage.The big fellow who is getting married is from Tipperary and has astounding capabilities to hold his drink and is a fine singer when the notion takes him.So it will be a hard day but...
  2. Lemonhead

    Europe's woes are WWII hangover

    "The Continent's currency crisis is causing old rivalries to bubble up, pitting financially strong nations like Germany against some of the eurozone's less disciplined members." Europe's Woes With coffee and the morning read, I found this. For those of you with a better knowledge of economics...
  3. peter the postie

    Hangover cure

    Can anyone help me pleeeeeaaase? :boohoo:
  4. ceemac


    :sick: I have such an unbelievably bad hangover.... C
  5. shirleyanntr

    hangover cure

    ooof ya...we had an et mangal..(bbq) last night with the neighbours and imade the mistake of taking a rannitab.((for hearburn) forgot you shouldnt take a drink with them....they enhance the alcohols effect!!! :splat: well i just had one glass of rakı (honest) and have spent the day worse for...
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