1. S

    Hands free parking

    As Europe's official worst parallel parker I have decided that the next new car I buy (in Spain) will have automatic parking assist Now I have watched videos of this and it seems a mixture of cool, magical, but also terrifying as it seems totally unnatural to let go of the steering wheel...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Holding hands with a woman

    I was surprised to read this enlightening article. A university rector in the southeastern province of Adıyaman has claimed that shaking hands with an unrelated woman was “more horrific than holding fire.” Turkish university rector claims shaking hands with women ?more horrific than holding fire?
  3. G

    Hands free with easyjet

    Hi I am returning to the uk tomorrow and wondeered if anyone has tried this at bodrum airport, I received this yesterday from easyjet via e-mail, a chap and easy way of getting your laptop or tablet back and liquids with hand baggage? UPGRADE TO HANDS FREE! Travelling with a cabin bag only? Cut...
  4. Neil_Denizli

    Good with Kids and Animals? Extra Pair of Hands Needed

    My work takes me overseas from time to time for 2 - 3 weeks and we have a three-month-old in our lives. All is OK now but the mother-in-law will be away for an extended period from September. Can anyone recommmend someone who might be interested in some well-paid short-term work helping my wife...
  5. suzyq

    Pregnant Hands

    Incredible Masturbating men ?will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,? says Muslim televangelist - RELIGION
  6. M

    Magic hands

    Hi everyone, I have not posted anything since new year so happy new year everyone. My wife was looking for a good hairdresser in and around Altinkum/Didim. We have heard magic hands are very good but does anyone know exactly where they are. cheers medi
  7. juco

    Beats Raki, hands down.

    After you click on the link read the reviews, surpised Amazon left this on....hilarious. Amazon.co.uk: Customer Reviews: Barrettine Methylated Spirit 500ml
  8. perfect1949

    come on hold your hands up

    own up if you have more than one name on TLF or will we be deafened with silence . dave
  9. H

    Court hands woman wedding ban

    Can anybody explain? Is it my English?? I don't quite understand the connection here... electricity and weddings?? "The court eventually decided to ban her from attending weddings for five months..." Court hands woman wedding ban :hmm:
  10. ceemac

    Get Thy Hands Off.....

    Using people’s wireless Internet without permission is inappropriate in terms of religion, according to the mufti for the Görele district in Giresun province in Turkey’s Black Sea region. Here C ps Hope you're reading this Gail :lol:
  11. P

    Wash your hands!!

    Urrrggggggggg!!!! >:( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7667499.stm Makes those of us who have to commute shudder! Still, I feel lucky I dont live in Newcastle or Liverpool - the dirty muckers!
  12. M

    retirement and time on your hands

    Hi all Having bought our place in the sun, and looking forward to our retirement I am wondering what will I fill my time doing. I know we can not work in turkey and I wouldn't really want to but I am very active in my job now and I can not imagine winding down to turkish time. Just...
  13. Susan

    Hands off! Expat Voice

    Copied from the Expat Zone Zaman Newpaper, I thought this article was quite amusing. [EXPAT VOICE] Hands off! My goodness I'm tired of hearing a tourist's blow-by-blow account of his trip to the barber. "Then he took a blowtorch and singed the hairs from my ears…" Who cares? What you...
  14. G

    The country is in good hands

    After reading this brief report in to day's Times newspaper I am already feeling a lot safer... Prescott in charge (Filed: 31/07/2005) London under attack John Prescott is to take charge of the Cabinet's Cobra emergency committee in the event of further terrorist attacks. For a period of...
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