1. A

    Help Is At Hand

    I have help from a lovely Turkish lady from 10am to 5pm daily. She does my shopping, cleaning and we share the cooking. I pay her 3,000 TL per month. She has a friend seeking a similar job in either Side or Manavgat. Is there anyone here who might be interested in hiring her friend? PS The...
  2. M

    Second hand furniture

    Hello all, I was wondering where I could find some second hand furniture for my apartment, I’ve looked at the Facebook buy and sell page but mostly seems to be clothing. I’m after patio furniture, coffee table, table and chair set if anyone could help I’d much appreciated it. Thank you
  3. immac

    2nd Hand Dealing: New Regs

    New regulations are in force to regulate sales of 2nd hand vehicles. It includes price controls and secure payment system through Notary. Extract: "The regulations aim to enable an easy, fast and safe environment for secondhand vehicle trade under fair competition conditions, said Pekcan...
  4. R

    Easyjet Hand Luggage restriction

    See below located on the Easyjet website today. Turkey Travel restrictons 30/07/2020 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELLING TO AND FROM TURKISH AIRPORTS Following a requirement from Turkish regulatory authorities, passengers travelling into or out of Turkish airports will only be allowed...
  5. Tenpin

    Sturgeon's own advisor mocks plan to hand Scots £11k a year

    ‘Expensive distraction’ - Sturgeon's own advisor mocks plan to hand Scots £11k a year https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1311104/nicola-sturgeon-Universal-Basic-Income-scots-financial-ruin-holyrood-latest/amp NICOLA STURGEON's economic advisor hit out at plans to pay £11,000 a year to...
  6. Tenpin

    OK' hand gesture added to growing list of hate symbols for white supremacy

    The “OK” hand gesture is among the 36 new entries added Thursday to a database of hate symbols used by white supremacists and other far-right extremists. The New York City-based organization launched the database in 2000 to help law enforcement officers, school officials and others recognize...
  7. N

    Computers not allowed in hand luggage ?

    Just before we landed in Izmir two weeks ago the air hostess on our Thomas Cook flight announced that on our return journey to the UK 23/6/18 no computers would be allowed in the hand luggage and should be placed in the hold luggage. . As we only have hand luggage , we have a villa over here ...
  8. S

    Ryanairs hand luggage tax

  9. L

    Pegasus Hand Luggage

    We are taking some of our personal goods to Northern Cyprus in a couple of weeks but want to take our stereo and coffee machine in our hand luggage, it fits in size and weight but cant find on their website if electrical goods are allowed in hand baggage. I know l can out it in the hold but dont...
  10. A

    what food can you take in hand luggage

    Hi going to bodrum via Bristol airport and wondered are you allowed to take cheddar cheese in hand luggage and also tinned food ie corned beef not any tins with liquid inside. Thanks art2
  11. L

    Hand Luggage

    Hi Guys. I am looking to bring some things to Turkey and leave them there. Can I take to Turkey in my hand luggage a laptop and kindle etc or does it still have to go in the hold? I will be passing through Munich from Birmingham to Izmir. Many thanks leeb
  12. A

    Buying second hand households and furniture

    Hi guys.I live in İstanbul but my niece is in Kalkan and she needs some furniture and households.If anybody selling or if you know someone who wants to get rid of their belongings we want to buy .Thank you in advance. Urgently we need a hob and a bed.
  13. S

    Second hand bikes wanted

    We want to buy 2 bikes - mountain bike style for adults. Anybody selling second hand or know where to buy good and reasonable price new bikes in or around Datca? Thanks
  14. Yalides

    Cash in hand

    Banks are urged to ban £50 notes in a bid to end the cash-in-hand culture and help recoup billions in tax for the Treasury  | Daily Mail Online Much prefer a wodge of twenties in the hand than fifties...
  15. D

    is it legal to bring second hand car parts in for personal use?

    İ am getting conflicting opinions on this subject and am looking for advice here.. what i want to do is buy a set of second hand wheels in the uk and bring them in on the service that runs to the uk to turkey...i am no dealer it is for personal use...İ can't imagine why it is illegal but i have...
  16. W

    Second hand bicycles

    I was wondering is there anywhere in Mahmutlar or Alanya that sell second hand bicycles. I changed apartments last year and am a fair bit away from the centrum. Will be going out in August but thinking bad about buying new considering the amount of use they will get. Thanks.
  17. T

    UK reg Car For Sale In Turkey

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this is the right place but I am selling my UK reg car here in Turkey near Izmir... Car can be driven here up to 9 months and further if needed. Mercedes CLK 320 CDI Sports Coupe 135k Black with with Australian Walnut colour full leather interior full service...
  18. A

    Wanted: 2nd Hand Piano

    Looking to get a second hand piano for our place in Yalikakvak. In the UK they are very common to find on the likes of Ebay, etc. Is there a local classifieds or does anyone know of a piano needing a new home :-)
  19. N

    Glass in hand luggage

    Hi, Can anyone please help? I am travelling with hand luggage only and want to buy a few turkish glass dishes. Am I able to carry in my hand luggage? Many thanks Angela
  20. Yalides

    Cash in hand

    Labour wages war on paying cash-in-hand: Balls says he always asks tradesmen for a receipt... and we should, too | Daily Mail Online The two Eds don`t like cash in hand. Get used to it lads cos if your lot get elected (god help us all) at the next election it will become a fact of life. (Also...
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