1. P

    Hamam in Fethiye?

    I've been told to try the Turkish bath in Fethiye. Is it the one near the old town and is it better than the 'tourist' ones in the hotels?
  2. stewy


    Can anyone recommend a good Hamam in Altinkum and what are there prices Thanks
  3. C

    Best Hamam in Alanya

    Hi all, I have a friend visiting and I definitely wanted to take her to a Haman. What would be your recommendation for the best hamam experience? I definitely want one that separates men and women. Any ideas on Grand Horizon? Also, are there any (reasonably priced) restaurants with great...
  4. Sniffy

    Datca Hamam...

    Hello All, Apologies for the gap you know I am not the best keeper-in toucher! Tell me this, having just updated myself with the latest Datca happenings (thank you Jane & Linda) I wondered if the local Hamam has changed. I, like most Datca lovers, like the non-tourist feel......but has there...
  5. T

    Hamam Prices

    I have been looking around the internet for reports on hamam prices - for the standard bath, scrub and soap massage. The reports vary wildly from 30TL (Altinkum) to €50 (Istanbul). So I was wondering what prices are like in your area.
  6. D

    Next Question - Turkish Hamam - Istanbul

    Last time I was in Istanbul, all of twenty years ago, I experienced the fantastic Hamam Nr the Grand Bazar, which I believe is one of the oldest. It was a great way to spend a few hours in what was freezing weather at the time (December). I went for the full torture package which included being...
  7. V

    Hamam in Datca?

    Can someone recommend me a Hamam in the Datca Area? thanks for the tips Jeroen
  8. S

    Hamam in Kuşadası

    Hello, I always go to the Hamman when I'm in Turkey, in Kuşadası I go to the one in Kaleici Are there other hamman's in Kuşadası and in your opinion better ? Kaleici is ok, just a bit expensive.... well, probably tourist prices Thanks for any advice
  9. Yalides


    Is there any Hamam or Turkish baths in Kalkan that members can recommend ?
  10. P

    informations on sultan's hamam

    I'm an Italian tourist and August 4, 2010 I went to the sultan's hamam. Here I met a masseur who made me the massage oil. Since then I always think of him. I do not remember hIS name but I remember his appearance. That day, I went there in the morning with Kastalia club and I was the last of the...
  11. W

    Hamam and rhinestones!

    Hi all I have a couple of queries which I hope someone may be able to help with. 1. Can anyone recommend a good Hamam in Fethiye? 2. Does anyone know where I can purchase some coloured rhinestones. I do nail art and like the little blingy stones. I used to be able to buy them in Bodrum at a...
  12. thingthong

    Istanbul hamams

    Hi guys I will be passing through Istanbul soon and was wondering if any members could let me know of any good hamam's? I'm hearing conflicting stories! Thanks. T.
  13. Martyn

    The Hamam

    Useful, amusing article about the Hamam. http://www.arseaboutfez.com/?cat=13 Read some of his other witty encounters www.arseaboutfez.com
  14. Martyn

    The Hamam

    I'm a regular reader now of this site since I think Shirley posted it. There is an interesting and witty account of a Turkish Hamam visit complete with photos. http://arseaboutfez.blogspot.com/2008/05/hamam-home-sweat-home.html Have a look at some of the archived stuff also.
  15. D


    Has anyone sampled either the hamam in Dalaman or the one in Ortaca? When are the sessions for men and women and is the Dalaman one aimed at tourists or local people? Thanks
  16. barry budd


    anyone know of the best turkish bath in the bodrum aerea the one on the main bodrum road has changed hands last visit found not the same barry :36:
  17. R

    hamam Alanya

    Anyone know where to go in Alanya for turkish bath/sauna/steam room ect. ropey
  18. shirleyanntr

    ladies day in the hamam

    iv'e just come back from Antakya/Hatay..its on the Syrian border. İ have a friend whose family own the old hamam in the centre..its a very old and a protected building.. Anyway i had the chance to have a ‘’ladies day ‘’ in the haman…and if you have been to one of these occasions you know what...
  19. C


    Can anyone recommend a good hamam in Alanya? I'm going to take the plunge and scare the locals on my next trip but there are so many baths, I don't know which to choose. Thanks Tracey PS Don't let me chicken out of this, Shirley, I AM going to do it!
  20. shirleyanntr

    hamam and henna

    There are many historical documents in existence which describe life in Ottoman İstanbul during the 16th century. also from the many paintings and fabulous miniatures that have survived we can get a pictorial record of life in the hamam…albeit mostly of the upper classes. Of great importance to...
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