1. bal canavar

    Airport project in Kaş NGO'S call for a halt

    NGOs demand halt to airport project in Kaş Local NGOs have submitted a seven-page report to local state bodies opposing the construction of an airport in the resort of Kaş in the southern province of Antalya, as they fear the airport would have irreversible consequences for the town, which...
  2. O

    Turkey to halt Visa on arrival

    Hi All, It seems that the £10 on arrival in Turkey is to stop from April this year. Just thought this would be of interest for those travelling to Turkey. Here's a link to an article: Turkey to halt visa on arrival Hope it helps Dave
  3. Squeaky

    Israel seeks ways to halt Göktürk satellite project

    Good afternoon I don't know about others but I am pleased when I read statements such these especially when I remember how Turkey had to sniffle to Israel to purchase some aerial drones a few years ago: [I]Once the satellite is launched, Turkey will be able to sell the images obtained through...
  4. Mushtaq

    Kurd rebels call halt in Turkey raids

    Associated Press June 13, 2007 ANKARA, Turkey -- Kurdish rebels Tuesday declared a "unilateral cease-fire" in attacks against Turkey and said they were ready for peace negotiations, but the group maintained the right to defend itself. The statement came as the Turkish military has been...
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