1. V

    Pegasus plane breaks in half

    A Pegasus Airlines plane literally broke in half as it skid off the runway at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen tonight. Amazingly there were no reports of fatalities amongst the 177 passengers and crew. Turkish TV was showing live streams of the rescue operations in both sections of the split aircraft...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Half price petfood

    Now is the time to stock up on petfood. 50% off in Migros until the end of the month.
  3. Tenpin

    Nearly half a million ‘zombie cars’ create big risk on Turkey’s roads

    Now here is something I can believe :27: Nearly half a million ?zombie cars? create big risk on Turkey?s roads - BUSINESS Snippet: According to a fresh report from the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), more than 43,000 vehicles were banned from hitting the roads in 2016 after...
  4. Leo

    Ten countries host half of world's refugees

    Ten countries host half of world's refugees: report - News from Al Jazeera Makes interesting reading. Turkey 2nd on the list and I note the disgraceful data for GB rather puts to bed some of the racist twaddle I read on here sometimes. Yes, I know - call me a treehuggers blah, blah
  5. hijo

    half price pet food..

    ...... Half price pet food in Migros until 12 October,i expect the same all over Turkey)
  6. J

    i wan't to sell my half of house

    hello all i live in uk 13years a go i divorced my turkish husband here in the uk but in keciorion in ankara we both own a house both names were on ev tapu but I'm now remarried and don't won't to own the house in turkey i won't to sell my share in the house but live in the uk unemployed
  7. paddington bear

    Half price pet food

    Migros (and probably other large supermarkets) are doing half price pet food and dog treats. Migros started today and finishes on the 12th October, I stocked up on dog and cat food to the tune of 204 tl and will be going back for more !!!! This is for world animal day which is on the 4th...
  8. teosgirl

    Half term ideas

    Hi all, I'm posting this in the Turkey travel forum, but if anyone has any ideas of reasonably priced European travel that would be useful too. Half term in Turkey begins at the end of this week. We're trying to organise a short ski trip in Turkey, but other than that we have no definite...
  9. S

    Ca half Turkish kids leave Turkey without absent parent's permission?

    Hello Bit of background info, hope people can advice. I have 3 half Turkish children, only one of the kid's has Duel nationality, ages 8, 7 and 2. Two of the kids have Turkish first names, but the child with Duel nationality has a British first name. I changed her name to a British name on...
  10. Helenm150

    Half Price Dog and Cat Food - Migros

    Hi all, I noticed today that Migros currently have a half price promotion on big bags of cat and dog food - from memory, 32TL instead of 64TL - with free delivery. I believe the offer is valid for 4 days. Helen :director:
  11. T

    Half of adults rubbish with maths

    I really have to doubt the seriousness of this claim as if half are poor with maths it means the remaining two thirds must be good at maths Half Of English Adults Have Poor Maths - Yahoo!
  12. scotssteve

    EU forcesbanks to half Greek Debts

    BBC News - Leaders agree eurozone debt deal after late-night talks Am I the only one who thinks that this is totally wrong? What a message to send to countries across the EU- make a complete mess of your finances, we will put together a package to bail you out and less than a year later you can...
  13. D

    Half Price Pet Food at Kipa

    I assume it's connected with World Animal Day (October 4th); Kipa currently have half price dog and cat food (animal toys, and snacks don't seem to be covered). Plenty of stock, but you may want to get in there quick; there wasn't an obvious sign as to how long it lasted. Judging by other...
  14. S

    How The Other Half Live

    To most of the female and hopefully a couple of male forum members imagine dusting these places :36: In Pictures: Monster Billionaire Mansions - Promised Land, Montecito, Calif. - Forbes.com
  15. D

    recommended bars/restaurants for a 2 and a half year old?

    in summer our grandaughter will be over - she's 2 and a half this year so she won't sit still throughout a family meal in the evenings...can anyone recommend places that have good facilities to occupy littles ones? last year we used to use the place next to the funfair as they had ducks for her...
  16. Mushtaq

    New injection that 'cuts heart attack damage by more than half'

    The devastating effects of a heart attack or stroke could be reduced by more than half by a simple injection, a new study suggests. British-based scientists are developing a treatment they say could reduce physical scarring of the heart and brain by more than 60 per cent. The research has been...
  17. A

    Half Share in Yacht For Sale

    A chance to own a share in a yacht and go sailing at a low price eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  18. JML

    Pet Food half Price

    Pet food is half price today 4th Oct in Migros and other major supermarkets, small discount at pet shop in Yalikavak ( as it is already cheaper)
  19. perfect1949

    happy birthday to sunny seasiders better half larry

    happy birthday larry , hope you have a good one and lesley as bought you that special present . dave
  20. T

    Bodrum Flights - October Half Term

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place! We have two tickets available for the 22nd October 2010 from Manchester to Bodrum, returning on Sunday 31st October. The outgoing flight is with Onur Air from Manchester at 11.00am arriving 17.05. The cost for this flight for 2 adults was £177...
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