1. mollag

    Hairy bikers

    Have changed, they aren't the leather clad bearded TT blokes I remember, well, this chap,s built funny to my mind!
  2. arrian

    Hairy Bikers

    i've just been reading about a new 4 part programme that the Hairy Bikers are doing. it seems they have both lost 3 stone in weight, and this show will, i hope, be showing tasty, simple, low calorie foods. i usually enjoy their food progs, as most of the meals they cook are fairly easy to do, so...
  3. maggie

    Hairy Bits .!!!!

    In light of all the posts regarding whether Turkey is a good or bad place to live or not .I thought I would pose this question to you all which may or may not be a deciding point to all the potential move over to Turkey people.!!!!! Its one for both men and ladies and I would like truthfull...
  4. jnj

    Hairy Bikers

    For those with access to SKY TV, on channels 259 and 260 at 19.30 and 20.30 tonight (Bank holiday Monday), the Hairy Bikers are in Turkey. Great show starts in Capadoccia with a wonderful mezes.
  5. Andy

    Hairy Chest

    Don't read this if you take Steroids. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Hairy Chest The ambitious coach of a girls track team gives the squad steroids. The team's performance soars. They win the county and state championships until one day they are favored to win nationals easily. Penelope, a...
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