1. D

    Fethiye Hairdressers

    Hoping to go to Fethiye in May and wondering if someone could recommend a really good hairdresser for both cutting and blonde highlights.
  2. Kingfisher

    Hairdressers are mostly gay?

    Slur against gay hairdresser not homophobic, French court rules | World news | The Guardian I hope he wins his appeal.
  3. stmary

    hairdressers in didim Altinkum

    Hi. Could some one that has had their hair done / lowlights ad highlights done with foil ... I was quoted 120 lira , is that the normal price here in Altinkum/ didim . thanks

    At the hairdressers: Kuaförde

    Are the following sentences correct? help please. Feel free to correct and add more sentences to this thread. I want a hair cut: Ben bir saç kesimi istiyorum. How many minutes will I wait? kaç dakika bekler? I want the same stylist as last time: Son kez aynı stilist istiyorum. I want a...
  5. X

    English Hairdressers Antalya

    Hi, I am moving to Antalya in September and am wanting to open a Hairdressing salon there. Does anyone know if there is a call for an English Hairdressers? Will be aiming for the Expat cliental and holiday makers mainly. I see to start a business in Turkey I must employ 5 Turkish Citizens which...
  6. C

    Price of mens hairdressers

    Was in Alanya centre yesterday and after doing what I came here for I thought I would see if I can get my hair cut and asked two different barbers how much, one was 45tl and the other 30tl, both these barbers were sat on stools outside there shops with no customers at all and both of them are...
  7. N

    please help - hairdressers in Antalya?

    morning all.... we are considering relocating to the antalya area in the near future and are wondering just how much an english hairdressing salon is needed...if at all..... in the antalya area. we have been living and running a salon in kyrenia cyprus for 9 years and think perhaps its time for...
  8. I

    any descent hairdressers in Fethiye

    Just wondering if there is a descent hairdresser in Fethiye.
  9. carolk

    Golden Hair Hairdressers.

    I had been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while from quite long. I found Aysun (again) who used to work for a large hairdressers thats no longer there, has opened her own business - Golden Hair. Its just down from the Million shop. I had a really great precision cut and two colours...
  10. carolk

    Figaro's hairdressers in Dolphin Sq.

    I went for a trim and blow dry yesterday and they have put the price up to 35tl. I thought 25tl was on the high side but at least a trim is a trim there and not a scalping!! Might have to re-think it now as thats ridiculous. Said it was due to rent and electric increases! :mad:
  11. K

    At last a European standard Hairdressers!!!!

    Just had my 12000 mile service!!! Acrylic nails - yes really!! Two tone low lights that look fantastic and a really good blow dry. What more could a girl ask for. English spoken if you ask! Give yourself a treat and go and visit Bebek in Turgutreis just past the Shell station on the way...
  12. Sunny Seasider

    Don't You just Love the Hairdressers

    Today I went for my usual root fix, hair trim etc at the Hairdressers, but it is girls, you'll agree, more of a social 'me time' and we do chit and chat, (like we do here really, lol). Today, apart from the usual gossip, we got talking about the 'V' Day, you know 14th Feb, and quite...
  13. H

    Hairdressers in akbuk

    Hi Ladies Can you recommend a good hairdresser in Akbuk or Altinkum? Don't want to take the chance without recommendation! Thanks alot, J
  14. DtB

    Hairdressers in Bodrum

    Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in the area for my wife pls? Needs the usual "short back and sides" with a dollop of colour.......:bounce:
  15. G

    Hairdressers in Turkey

    I don't know if anyone else bothers to get their hair done when they go on holiday but I always get mine cut and coloured. The last time I got a cut and blowdry over here (in a well known salon)it cost me £45. When I was in Turkey in April I got it cut, coloured and a blow dry and it cost me £12...
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