1. S


    Hi,can anyone recommend a hairdresser in Fethiye please,preferably one that speaks some English. Thanks
  2. S

    Hairdresser/Cosmetician needed in Izmir

    Hi, I will get married in September in Izmir. I am looking for a hairdresser/cosmetician, who can speak English or German, who can help me and some guests. As I don't speak any Turkish, I was hoping to find somebody I can actually comunicate with and explain what I want. Does anybody know...
  3. L

    Professional Hairdresser wanted in Altinkum

    Hello. I am looking for someone who is professionally trained to do my hair. I am after two colour foil highlights. I would prefer an English trained person with qualifications to do highlights. Pm me if you know of anyone....or if you are that person! Thank-you. Sharon
  4. W

    hairdresser in Fethiye

    Hi everyone , We are starting to get really excited about our up coming move!! Just wanted a few tips on where to go. I've had my hair highlighted in three salons in Fethiye over the years . Two bleached my hair within an inch of its life and I ended up with damaged hair. Best Kuafor did a...
  5. P

    Mens hairdresser

    Coming to Yalikavak on Monday for a haircut, can you please recommend one in town near the square.
  6. J

    Hairdresser recommendation please

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Alanya Centrum, preferably English speaking please. Thanks :D
  7. B

    Yalikavak hairdresser

    Can any lady recommend a hairdresser in Yalikavak, preferably one that speaks English?
  8. M

    female hairdresser

    HI to all is there a local mobile british hairdresser available in fehtiye / calis /uzumlu area and what would be the cost for cut and blow dry ? thanks
  9. sunshine

    Hairdresser in Altinkum

    Hi im away on sat,and have just had my hair done....disaster..I couldnt be any blonder if I was I would be glow in the dark.I am really worried as with all the sun and swimming its going to bring my hair up even more,have thought of having low lights,but they would fade to nothing with in a...
  10. P

    Gents Hairdresser Calis

    Arrive in Calis on Wed: 8th May and need a recommended mens hairdresser. I have excellent personnal hairdressers in Dalyan and Ichmeler but Calis is new to us.I have heard a couple of frightening stories of gross overcharging after they have cut your hair, can anybody help please.
  11. S

    English Hairdresser

    Someone was asking on here about a english hairdresser. Im a freelance hairdresser based in Fethiye.
  12. T

    Advises for a good hairdresser in Bodrum area?

    Hi everyone, I am moving to Bodrum soon, I currently live in Dubai. My hair is blonde because for years i have done highlights but in Dubai they really burned it, I had so many bad experiences here. I came out with yellow hair, burned hair, too blonde. I am now a bit scared to go in salon but...
  13. merpip

    Ladies Hairdresser recommendation

    Hi I'm going to be in the Didim area for a few months over the summer, any recommendations for a Hairdresser, I'll need a colour and a trim!! thanks
  14. C

    Hairdresser in Fethiye?

    I will be in Fethiye in May and I am looking for a hairdresser that will wash and straighten my hair. I normally stay in Ovacik and just struggle with my curly hair after I have been swimming but thought as I am staying in Fethiye, Karagozler area, I could try a local hairdresser. Can anyone...
  15. T

    Diane`s hairdresser Altinkum.

    To cut a long story short I have been twice and my wife 5 times today she checked price and was told 60tl needles to say when finished it was 120tl, my wife also took a friend for the first time and they did the same to her. My wife payed the 60 but wont be back same as me, Dianes was closed but...
  16. C

    A good Ladies hairdresser

    Hello Turgutreisians (?!) I have a friend who has a house in Turgutreis, they come for a few weeks each summer, but this time she has visitors- one who wants a hairdresser ( for I don't know what. Any suggestions? Thanks
  17. L


    Hi. I'm looking for and English hairdresser who can cut and colour my hair. I have had a bad experience with a Turkish haircut!..Sharon:crying:
  18. S

    English Hairdresser

    After reading the horrendous stories about hairdressers in the Altinkum area - does anyone know of any English speaking hairdressers - I am petrified now to even consider using some of the turkish ones and wearing a wooly hat in the summertime isn't really an option.
  19. Lyndsey

    Emily's Hairport - Rip off hairdresser in Altinkum.

    I have seen Emily's Hairport which is next door to Baran Furniture and the Million Shop on Ataturk Boulevard recommended a few times on Turkish forums. Yesterday I gave it a try. I walked in and asked to book an appointment (time was 7.30pm and there were a couple of people having their hair...
  20. Alexander

    Englsh speaing hairdresser

    My second half will apprecate if anyone can recommend an English speaking hairdresser somewhere on the peninsula (I'd dare write "Russian speaking", but I am afraid that wolud be too much of a luck for her). Thanks in advance. Alex
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