1. E

    Alanya new male haircut prices

    Cut 40 tl, shave 20 tl, colour 80 tl, child 25 tl. Just some of the new prices.
  2. B

    Haircut HOW MUCH!!!!

    After getting the old grey hair trimmed the other day I got to thinking how the prices have gone up, only three years ago it was 10tl now the same bloke is charging 25tl now that is some jump in prices just goes to show what inflation does to your money. Just as a matter of interest what are...
  3. yalimart

    Haircut Sir ?

    So who had which ? Martin
  4. immac

    Haircut Prices

    I think it is that time again: time to move on! Haircut and shave has gone up to 20TL from 15TL in my usual spot near Sanayi/Otogar. What are others paying around Fethiye? Where is there good service at a good price? Am I just being mean? In every other respect it is a perfectly good service...
  5. Talkinman

    Haircut Sir

    When I first had a haircut and shave in Gulluk it cost 15tl this was around 6 years ago. A couple of years ago it went up to 20tl, Now they are asking for 30tl for the same thing. I am sure that this is totally uncalled for and know that locals don't pay this price. It is now cheaper for me to...
  6. B

    Wrong Haircut!!!!!!!

    Fear and fundamentalism as the 'modesty police' patrol Gaza - Telegraph If you go to Gaza for any reason, make sure you don't wear gel on your hair. Bill.
  7. Lillylilly

    Holiday excitment and Turkish haircut!!!???

    I am soooooooooooo peed off with this dull wet and grey weather:35: I cant wait to get some sunshine in Hisoranu - we leave next Friday for two weeks. It will be completely new to us, this area and very different from ole Altinkum. I even had a haircut today so I would nt be tempted to have one...

    Virtual haircut

    My son showed me this on You Tube. Try it but make sure you use headphones and close your eyes!! YouTube - Virtual Barber Shop (Audio...use headphones, close ur eyes)
  9. M

    Haircut in Yali

    Where to go??? Due to bad timing on my part, I could not get my hair cut this week. Flying to Yali tomorrow and will need a haircut. I recall a place near the Kebab shop opposite the harbour (not marina) around the back of Ali Baba Hotel. Any one tried it? Just need short back and sides...
  10. Martyn

    Turkish haircut

    If you haven't already experienced a Turkish haircut then you are missing out. I try to have one when I visit Turkey. Have a visit to this mans' blog where he has hilariously documented, photographed and videoed the whole process. go to the 24/5/2008 entry.
  11. Martyn

    Mens haircut

    Can anyone recommend a decent barbers in Altinkum? I'm 54 so I'm not looking for a trendy stylist. :lol:
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