1. J

    Haggling at dealerships

    Hello again! I'm lead to believe that a healthy bit of haggling is expected in Turkey? Can I haggle at dealerships? Is there usually much scope for discounts at main dealers on used cars? Thanks, Jon
  2. P

    Haggling in the UK..

    Does anyone else here haggle when buying stuff in the UK? Since going to other countries where haggling is normal I have found myself in recent years more prepared to try it in the UK and with some success. For example, in December for my mums birthday I bought her a mobility scooter that a...
  3. stevecarol


    Hi All I know that when buying items at the market and cloths shops where things are not marked up with a price that we haggle, but if you are in lets say a diy store and prices are displayed do you pay the asking price or do you haggle :hmm:
  4. B

    Haggling in Datca

    One of the lovely things I have found in Datca is the slow pace of life.Unlike many parts of Turkey you are not hassled by hawkers trying to sell you anything from holiday soveniers to lunch. This also means that I have found that haggling when it comes to buying goods does not seem to be the...
  5. T

    Haggling over Prices?

    Just wondered, since the habit in Turkey is to haggle over the price of everything. Does this apply to the purchase of property too?
  6. merlin

    Haggling in Istanbul is the real Turkish delight....

    straight.com Just read this article on Istanbul and would like to share with you all.... Mehmet looked at me with stern eye. “Eight million lira,” he said. I glanced back at him, then down at the small, handpainted bowl. Eight million… What was that? About seven bucks. I winced, as if in pain...
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