1. Sunny Seasider


    The cleaning pet hates thread got me thinking. What are you bad/good habits, let's share folks. One of mine is (I haven't got many lol) is good house keeping filing system, I can always find receipts etc; but only keep for 2 years, except for legal docs, keep those forever. Bad Habits - Cannot...
  2. Yalides

    Annoying speech habits

    Don`t you just find it annoying when people punctuate their speech with numerous, you knows, like, um, etc Perhaps one of the most annoying habits a person can have is to laugh after each and every sentence you know like..
  3. arrian

    Strange habits!

    i suppose i have several strange habits that i can't think of at the moment, but there is one in particular that i have, i can't do ironing unless i'm barefoot!!! what strange/wierd habits do you or your partner have? not too rude please!!!
  4. Tommie

    Peoples Showering Habits

    Due to the lack of anything else to do, there has been a survey on people's showering habits. It states that some people have a shower which lasts for more than 8 minutes and uses almost as water than if you had a bath! Full report can be read here... Peoples Showering Habits Very enlightening.
  5. jewel

    Compulsions,comforts or habits !!!

    My Husband and Daughter both suffer from O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive disorder) although in totallt different forms... My Husband for example has it in the form of cleaning and everything being in the right order. My Daughter however has a counting compulsion...for example if she is talking to...
  6. chesney

    Eating Habits Of Turks

    LOL recently I have been spending alot of time with my new beau and have noticed the truly absurd hours they eat at. For example last night after finishing the pool competition around 12am Savas, my beau and his friends decided they were going to have a bbq, not only was it 12am but Altinkum was...
  7. shirleyanntr

    funny food habits

    lets nip the fag out and have a breather... anybody got any weird tastes in food..i love tomato sandwiches but must have them with sugar as well as salt and pepper. My grandad used to have bacon and treacle sarnies..sweet and sour. :lmao: and i was actually sick ..really if i saw pink...
  8. lorraine

    Driving bad habits

    After years driving in the UK and ensuring that we clunck click on every journey since coming to live in Turkey we have picked up some bad driving habbits, one of which is not wearing seat belts. We very rarely if ever see a Turk wearing a belt, but on the way back from Dalaman airport Friday...
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