1. H

    Habitation Certificate

    Hi does anyone know how to obtain a habitation certificate for their property, I understand there is an amnesty to the end of October to get this?
  2. T

    Copy of habitation certificate

    We have an apartment that is one of three in a block. One of our neighbours has contacted us to inform us they have applied for, and received the habitation certificate. They are wanting us to share the cost involved. Now although we are not happy that they did not inform us of this until this...
  3. CJD

    habitation certificates

    PM: Issue of homes without NO habitation certificates to be solved | Voices Newspaper has anyone applied yet? or know anymore about this?
  4. L

    Habitation Cert

    How long am I supposed to wait for my Habitation cert - it's been 6yrs now and still no sign - the Building/Maint company just keep saying next year, next year - am I entitled to sue them for breach of Contract? I would like to sell my Turkish property but potential buyers are put off because I...
  5. B


    hi just want someone to tell me the facts on this question...... is this true? .. there will be no more habitation certs delivered now as when you get your tapu it will be all on there, so if you have a tapu for your property but not habitation what can you do. hope someone can explain for me.
  6. G

    Habitation Certificate

    I've mislaid my Habitation Certificate! We have a full tapu on our place in Gumusluk. We are covered by Bodrum BeledeyesI, and usually pay our council tax in Turgutreis. I'm out for a week in late October. Can anybody assist as to where I get a replacement, what do I need to supply, approx...
  7. R

    Habitation certificate -yapi kullanma İzİn belgesİ

    Hi, I am certain the discussion over Habitation Certificates has raised it head before. However, I am seeking some defined info if possible (legal would be fab). Story is... Property wanting to buy has a YAPI KULLANMA İZİN BELGESİ headed document . Hard to read copy but it shows a date in...
  8. R

    Tapu and Habitation Certificates

    Hi there. I am new to the site. You may already have answered my question. I am now in possession of the Tapu and Habitation Certs, what else do I need to ensure all is legal, that the property belongs to me and that I can legally sell it later should I want to? I did not use a lawyer in the...
  9. W

    Habitation certificate question

    Can anyone tell me if a new habitation certificate needs to be issued if a property changes hands or is the original one valid whoever the owner is ?
  10. christella


    Read on another forum if you have your hab printed you pay cheaper council tax
  11. I

    Pool habitation cert

    My builder says that my pool hab. cert is ready, when we went asked the Belidye they told us that he has to pay some taxes at the tax office before they can issue the pool hab.cert. Has anyone been in this situation, I don't know what action to take against the builder.:emptybath
  12. suzyq

    Turkish construction law -- habitation certificate

    A habitation certificate is one of the trickiest matters in Turkish construction law and I personally believe that it was indeed designed in a very difficult to understand, ambiguous and confusing manner supplemented with several sub legislations for the convenience of practitioners for when...
  13. culturevulture

    Maintenance Fees without Habitation Certificate - Legal ??? for Cem

    Now that we have Cem back, our very own TLF legal advisor, I would like to ask him some questions, please. Is it within the Law, that apartment owners on a complex can refuse to pay the yearly maintenance charge, if the complex does not yet have Hab Cert/Iskan? Even if the non-payers have their...
  14. M

    Habitation Certificate

    The owners of all the other units on our site have received their habitation certificate but not us. The Council say this is because our unit was not on the original planning application. It is possible to obtain retrospective planning permission in Turkey and how do you go about it? We have our...
  15. M

    Habitation certs on AHV ps Im buying there VERY EXCITED!!!

    Hi, so taking previous welcome and helpful advice from this forum, I visited Altinkum and stayed on the AHV last week and was happy to find that it was exactly what me and my family want/need. I can see that it wouldnt be to everybodys taste but believe me, we had 5 other agents show us around...
  16. I

    Pool Habitation

    Hi can someone please give me more information re- pool habitation. My builder whom I still owe money to for some snags and pool habitation has just informed me that I don't need a pool habitation. I need to know before i pay him as he is finishing off the bits and pieces:388dd:
  17. Lez Zetli

    Habitation certificate - Energy certificate addition

    It's not only the foreigners who trip up over all the bureacracy, some Turkish friends have just had a house built and are in the process of getting their "habitation certificate". There appears to be a new requirement (new to me, at least) to produce an Energy certificate before the Habitation...
  18. wayne+nik

    habitation cert dalyan

    HI All, my builder has told me he has applied to belediye for my habitation cert is there a way i can confirm this ,how long should it take ??? thank you oh its in Dalyan cheers
  19. jandj

    Habitation Certs in and around Izmir

    I would be very very grateful for any information regarding the cost of Habitation Certificates(HC) in and around Izmir. Any info given will be treated with the utmost privacy and if you would prefer to pm the cost, please do. Our house is in Yeni Foca, a sleepy little fishing village. It has...
  20. G

    unit habitation certificate?

    Hi. Has anyone heard of a 'unit habitation certificate'? Apparantly you can apply for one of these at a cost of 2500tl,if the builder has failed to supply a habitation cert for the whole complex. It has been suggested that you will then be able to apply for services in the owners own name. Any...
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