1. N

    Aegean Flights/Holidays4UK have gone bust

    Hi, Has anyone managed to book any 2012 flights with Aegean Flights since they went on sale yesterday. I know there is a problem with their website at the moment but it seems everytime I manage to get a price it increases. I think they are going to lose many customers as a result of this years...
  2. lottie8888

    new H4U chep flights

    Hi. Bargin flight prices at www.aegeanflights.com just thought id share them with you :)
  3. L

    h4u Cancel Flight

    :29: We have just received a letter from www.h4u.co.uk cancelling our Manchester - Bodrum flight for 1st May, am really anoyed as contacted them only 10 days ago as the flight had been taken off the web-site, said that the flight was full, and that there was nothing to worry about. Could have...
  4. luckycat68

    H4u Winter Flights To Bodrum

    Hi there As most of you know i am back in the UK for the winter-with my "hubby"-- We had a phone call a couple of days ago from his family in Turkey saying that his father was on his last legs !! ( Turks are SO dramatic !! ) So they where asking him to return asap I phoned H4U cos i...
  5. Gill

    transfer with h4u dalaman to bodrum

    We're coming out to Yalikavak in a couple of weeks to furnish our place and have flights with h4u-gatwick to dalaman. Also have paid for one-way transfers from dalaman to bodrum. Has anyone used this h4u transfer service? Just wondering where in Bodrum we get "put down" as we've not got...
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