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    Hı from EgeProperty

    My real name Lutfi and I am happy to respond to questions about Turkey. I notice a few agents are on here and know the last thing you need is an Emlak trying to sell you all properties but I do know about other things that are not property based and members may want my unbiased input anyhow...
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    Hı everyone

    My name ıs kadir I am a Englısh teacher at the Tourism School ın Turgurtreıs . and have been a englısh teacher for 13years If anyone would lıke help wıth Turkısh I am avaılable. also I am lookıng to rent a house ın the area not apartment. I was ıntroduced to the forum by Lız who lıved ın...
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    Hı from a new member

    Hı everyone! Just wanted to say hı and ıntroduce myself. Im Torı orıgınally from Leeds but now lıvıng ın Calıs, Fethıye. I lıve wıth my Husband Ali We had our relıgıous ceromony ın September and are plannıng our Weddıng Party at the moment. Look forward to gettıng ınvolved ın the forum...
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    Hı all ın uk and turkey

    Hı all you ın cold wet uk I am stıll here ın gundoğun after 3 mounths and I am stıll lovıng ıt. ıt ıs always warm or hot. ıt ıs quıet and the turkısh people are very frıendly. I dont want to come home lol maybe another 2 or 3 weeks or .......... lol oh well another efes ıs called for lol paul...
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