1. M

    Gyms -Altinkum

    Hello... I am staying in Altinkum for a month or so and wanted to know if there are any competitive gyms I can join? Staying close to the Sky bar. Thanks. MZ
  2. B

    Gyms Near The Marmaris Imperial Hotel

    Hi I'm staying at the Marmaris Imperial Hotel in 2 weeks and know that it has a gym there, only problem is I'm a bit of a gym addict and I dont think that their weights and equipment are going to be heavy enough for what I use. Does anyone know what the gym is like there or if there is a more...
  3. L


    Just wonderin if anyone knows of any MMA/kickboxing/jujitsu/wrestling gyms near altinkum, im a professional fighter and im just looking for somewere to train an keep fit-ish ha, while im away, :ukflag: Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  4. F

    gyms in or around olu deniz

    Hi everyone does anybody know of any good gyms in the area ? ,any help much appreciated.
  5. J

    gumbet gyms

    is there a gym in gumbet ????????????............staying in magnific hotel aug and need to workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. M

    Gyms and Spas Advice Needed?

    Hi, we are trying to find a gym/spa in Bodrum, live in Yalikavak....seems only decent one is the Marmara but facilities are limited and squash court costs are high. Does anyone know if there are any gyms in Bodrum or any other hotels that offer membership? Thanks!
  7. G

    Gyms in Fethiye

    I am moving to Fethiye in October and wanted to know if there are any good gyms in the area. Thanks.
  8. Leigh

    Gyms in Bodrum

    Hi everyone I have found a few gyms here in Bodrum, so for those of you who are thinking of going, but dont know where to start looking, here are some suggestions (all these places are nice and clean and have car parking): Azka Hotel (Gumbet) has a fitness center and a heated indoor swimming...
  9. Lindy

    Gyms and keeping fit

    Can anyone recommend a good gym/fitness centre in the Ovacik/Fethiye area and the associated costs. as it is our intention to incorporate this into our new daily routine. We're also planning on buying bicycles - any recommendations on where to buy? Thanks Linda
  10. K

    Gyms & Keeping Fit

    :)I know I've asked this question on another site but are there any gym facilities around Altinkum? :) What about biking, horse riding or walking. K
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